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October 31, 2015, by admin, category Weight Loss

Why it is a Good Idea to Buy Gold

“We buy gold” is a common term on Televisions, internet, and radios. Companies do advertise their need for gold products that are no longer needed and they pay a lot of money to the owners. The question now arises “Why would companies spend so much on advertisements looking for used items like necklaces, rings?” The answer is not far-fetched. It is simple! The do not just want OLD necklaces, rings or watches; they want GOLD necklaces, rings, and watches. They want them because of what they are made of-Gold! I thought about this for some time and I realized there are enough reasons why one should invest in gold.

1. Immediate need: Purchasing ornaments or products made of gold solves the immediate problem of having a beautiful and costly jewelry, gold pot or the product. In other words, the reason for the product will be utilized whether it is a wristwatch, necklace, earring, vessel, etc. The product will be used for that purpose. Gold medals usually cost a fortune but in as much as they are worth so much, they start by solving the immediate need of an award gift for the winner.

2. Show of class and dignity: The possession of a real gold product usually attracts attention from others because it is believed that gold products are expensive. I have seen a couple of times when women gather around one particular woman examining her necklace to see whether it is pure gold. Now, this is not a women’s issue, everyone, male or female usually asks at one time or another “Is this gold?” and when the answer is “Yes”, Complimentary comments are usually made to the owner and the feeling is usually that of sweetness and self importance.

3. Cash back: Gold products are usually ‘cash back ‘or recycled products because they do not lose their value. When they are resold, a lot of money is usually realized. So, one of the main reasons to invest in gold is that after the gold has served its desired purpose, when it is no longer needed, it will not just be discarded like other products. It will be recycled for money. Depending on the quantity of the gold, it is usually good money.

4. Perfect gift: Giving someone a gift of gold is very much appreciated. It is an investment in a sense because the receiver after using it, can pass it on to the next generation, and it will be passed on until one family member decides to sell it for money. So, the sender of the gold gift invested in the receiver although she will not reap the investment herself, but someone will.

Use for any unwanted gold that you may have.

So, what do you think ?