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Why Are My Food Stamps Not On My Card

August 31, 2015, by admin, category Weight Loss

Why Does My Ex Ignore Me?

Do you ever wonder how former couples who have broken up can manage to be friends afterwards? Some people are able to maintain a friendship after being in a relationship, yet others would rather have nothing to do with their ex. There is a misconception that being nice to your ex means that you are trying to get them back.

This isn’t always the case. Some people just want to keep their ex in their lives because they are good people. Just because the relationship doesn’t work out, it doesn’t mean that a friendship can’t flourish.

Maybe you are trying to keep things positive with your ex but he or she isn’t cooperating and ignoring you. There could be several reasons for this. If you have just broken up, there could still be feelings of anger or sadness going on and your ex isn’t ready to communicate.

If you have been broken up for awhile, your ex may not want to bring up anything from the past and that includes you. This doesn’t mean that talking again isn’t impossible but it will take some work.

Whatever your situation, don’t bombard your ex with tons of phone calls and text messages. Call maybe once a week or even less. If you leave a voicemail, always speak in a pleasant tone and don’t nag about the fact that he/she isn’t returning your calls.

The same thing applies to text messaging. While texting is more convenient, it can still be overdone. Text maybe once or twice a week and no more. Another tip is to not make every message seem like an emergency (unless of course it truly is.)

Your ex will view you as an annoyance if you are constantly crying wolf. Sooner or later your ex will talk to you and you need to be prepared with what you really want to say. Do you want to remain friends or do you want to try and start over?

Make the making up process faster and easier by reading one of the most popular relationship guides on the web. Get your ex talking to you again almost immediately.

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