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When Will My Food Stamps Be On My Ebt Card

August 31, 2014, by admin, category Weight Loss

My Favorite 7 Philadelphia Restaurants

I’ve tremendously enjoyed living and dining in Philadelphia, and I love the variety of food on offer in this city. Authentic cuisine from cultures across the world, Jewish, Latin, Mexican, American, Caribbean, Turkish, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and Indian are available in abundance. Earlier I’ve reviewed Philadelphia restaurants from the viewpoint of cuisine, ambience, services, and other factors, but the following is a list of Philadelphia restaurants I like the most.

The seven restaurants listed below may not be the best Philadelphia restaurants, but they are surely the ones I like the best.

Ristorante Panorama

You cannot get better service in any other restaurant in Philadelphia. Its formal dining area will please everyone, and its wine bar would satisfy even the most demanding critics. My liking for classical Italian cuisines developed when a friend of mine brought me to this restaurant. Since then, I’ve spent many entertaining evenings sampling wines and consuming Chef Rosario Romano’s delicious dishes.

Zinc Cafe
This is a small place, and many of you might not even have heard of it. It’s placed on a small street and is the perfect haven for vegetarians looking to spend a comfortable evening out. The décor is cozy and inviting and the service is perfect. It’s a small place with a large number of patrons; make sure that you have a reservation; it will quite possibly be full!

Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille

I don’t particularly mind vegetarian or vegan restaurants that make food with taste similar to non-vegetarian food, but I like this place particularly because it is one of the few places in the city that serves food for natural vegetarians. The fun part is that the restaurants exterior is not that attractive, and when you enter you will be quite surprised at the tastefully decorated wall and tastefully perfectly-presented food.

Butcher and Singer

Typical among Philadelphia restaurants, this place is the best for steaks. The luxurious ambience, unpatrolled service and high food quality makes this my favorite place for steak in Philadelphia. Stephen Starr has created a perfectly balanced menu which blends the traditional American fare with luscious gourmet items.

New Delhi Indian Restaurant
You find a large number of restaurants of this kind in India, all of them serving fabulous foods for low prices. When you feel like having Indian food that doesn’t cost much, this is the place to go. I prefer the salads, desserts and vegetarian Indian fare in this restaurant, but its seafood is also quite amazing.

While Ristorante Panorama is a great place to eat at, it has a slightly formal air. Dolce serves traditional Italian food, but it has a modern design and dim lights that invite conversation. The food, created by Chef Alfonso Valentino, is absolutely mouth-watering and when you leave the place, you will promise yourself to come back and have some more food when there is space in your stomach!


Named after Chef Masaharu Morimoto, this one is easily the best among Japanese Philadelphia restaurants. Its interior design will leave you gaping and the gourmet Japanese dishes will satisfy your taste buds and make your and also make your stomach feel good.

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