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March 31, 2015, by admin, category Weight Loss

Losing Those Holiday Pounds!
As the holiday season is finally coming to an end and if you’re like most Americans, you’re starting off the New Year a little bit heavier. While the holidays were a time to rejoice, celebrate and share memories, it was also a time for eating, more eating and overeating. Yet even though the holidays are gone, unfortunately those extra pounds gained during the holiday feasting aren’t. The average American will gain between 1 to 5 pounds during the holiday season and as that may not seem like a lot, an extra pound here and there, over the long term, can adversely affect your health and lifestyle. It comes as no surprise that when people begin to make their New Year’s resolutions: losing weight, getting fit, and living a healthier lifestyle always occupy the top spots on that list.

Deciding that you want to shed those holiday pounds is the first step on your road to losing those holiday pounds! The next step is to learn to make the right choices that will give you back control over your weight. Living a more active lifestyle and eating healthier are everyday choices that you can make. Furthermore, choosing to join a medically based weight loss program can offer you more guidance and support.

Medically based weight loss programs designed by physicians, emphasize total body health and help give control, over their weight, back to the patients. The program is divided into stages which include detoxification, nutritional and exercise education, hormonal balance, meal replacements and physician support. Each of these steps help to optimize the body’s function, making it a more efficient fat burning machine. Detoxification rids the body of impurities that hinder weight loss. Meal replacements get the body into a state of ketosis to start utilizing fat as an energy source. And physician supplied medications help suppress your appetite and boost your metabolism. These stages can be done in combination or separately based on an individual’s comfort, commitment and goals.

For those that are looking for more targeted fat reduction, Lipotherapy is another great choice. Lipotherapy, or another more frequently used term Lipodissolve, is a treatment utilizing a combination of naturally occurring compounds administered through a series of microinjections for the purpose of subcutaneous fat reduction. The injections reduce localized fat deposits and can cause skin retraction in treated body regions. It is an excellent non-surgical alternative for patients seeking minimally invasive techniques to improve body contour. It is not a treatment for weight reduction, but a procedure for improving shape and reducing targeted fat.

These choices in conjunction with living a healthier lifestyle will help you achieve a new, lighter you in the New Year!

Skin Perfect Medical take on an individualized approach to help you achieve successful Medical weight loss programs and to empower you, through education, seminars, and continual support, to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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