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March 31, 2016, by admin, category Weight Loss

You Asked: Should I Try a Fasting Diet?
Benedict Cumberbatch is doing it. So is Jimmy Kimmel. But unlike most celebrity-sanctioned diets, there's actually some compelling science to support its purported benefits. It's sometimes called the 5-2 diet—meaning five days of normal eating …
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President Eisenhower's Great-granddaughter Says Vegan Diets Could Attract
The professional clairvoyant says she has always been interested in how people's relationship to food effects their response to the environment. Eisenhowever even ran an organic food delivery business to bring products to people who were so sensitive …
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Packing on the pounds: U football players rely on nutrition, strength training
Two years ago, the Gophers football program hired a full-time sports dietitian/nutritionist to manage what players eat and their weight gain, or weight loss. Brittany Francis, a former captain of the Gophers women's hockey team, oversees a staff of 12 …
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