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What Exercise Should I Do To Lose Weight

March 31, 2015, by admin, category Weight Loss

Weight Loss And Exercise – There Are Many Benefits Of Simple Exercise And A Healthy Diet

Sometimes folks who are especially large feel that they aren’t able to do exercise. This is not true… no matter what your size, there is an activity for you. You just need to set up a different plan for yourself. Ignore all of the twisting and bending and jumping that other people are doing. Your plan is the right one for you!

It is important that you come up with a workable plan for yourself because the more extra weight we carry, the greater likelihood that we will develop one of the illnesses that have been shown to be associated with obesity: diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, arthritis, and even some kinds of cancer.

Along with reducing the risk of these diseases, exercise has other benefits:

More energy
Improved breathing
Better sleep
Reduced stress
Improved mood
Lowering of blood pressure
Stability of blood sugar
Improved balance and flexibility
Better self esteem.

Your new program will consist of two phases: the first is the reduction of calories consumed…that is, you need to eat less. Secondly, you need to increase the number of calories that you use up. This is done by exercise.

We’re discussed tips for reducing calories on several occasions in the past. Let’s focus this time on exercise. Regardless of size, your excuses for not exercising are probably very similar to those of your less large counterparts. Let’s look at two:

You feel you don’t have enough time to exercise. Do you have time to be sick? Probably not. Don’t over-estimate the amount of time involved in exercise. Exercise is as much a mind-set as a planned activity. Don’t even think about training for a marathon or bench-pressing three hundred pounds! Instead, plan on a walk at lunch time. Don’t take the elevator unless you work on the twentieth floor. Even so, get out on eighteen and walk the rest of the way. Use the restroom on another floor. Park at a more distant place in the parking lot. Don’t sit for more than an hour at a time…get up and move. Every little bit uses up a few calories.

You don’t like to exercise. Well, nobody else does either. This is an issue of health we are talking about. I’ll just bet you don’t like to get up in the morning for work either, do you? Does that mean you don’t get up? Of course not, you must go to work or you will lose your job. Well, you must exercise or you will lose your health! How bad can it be to walk around the block? How awful is it to use hand weights while you’re watching TV. Is it out of the question to make two trips to the basement floor instead of stacking up items on the stairway for someone to take with them when they go down stairs? Think movement. It will add up. Your scale and your health will appreciate the effort.

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