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January 31, 2015, by admin, category Weight Loss

How yoga can change your life
It's quite possible that, like me, you've dismissed it as 'not for you', assuming, as I once did, it's nothing more than mumbo-jumbo endorsed by skinny, bird-brained celebrities making a mint out of flogging yoga equipment. But I'm … Not only is my …
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SALUD: Dr. Myriam. Torres Discusses Cardiovascular Disease, Heath Issues in
Dr. Torres also added that healthcare providers should reiterate the complications of obesity and the benefits of physical activity. And, they should remind patients that diets are very important. Mild or even moderate elevations in cholesterol could …
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Listening to the Brain Below
Bohórquez's group observed that specialized receptor cells scattered along the intestines of mice were equipped with tail-like structures that allowed them to pass information directly to gut neurons and straight into the nervous system. When Bohórquez …
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