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What Can You Purchase With An Ebt Card

October 31, 2014, by admin, category Weight Loss

Pushchair: A Guide to Your First Purchase

Buying your first pushchair doesn’t have to be difficult. Of course, you’ll have to contend with a few issues like the myriad of choices out there. Different brands, models, styles, and accessories: what’s a rookie to do?

The thing about pushchairs is that it really isn’t such a frightening purchase. See, it’s just a pram for your child. No big deal, right? But when you get right down to it, you’re banking on this contraption to keep your child comfortable and safe. Making the wrong choice? Yikes. Talk about serious repercussions!

So there is a need to learn a bit more about pushchairs before taking the jump. It doesn’t help that most of these buggies and prams are really quite expensive, so making the purchase can be daunting. Again, though, all you really need is to arm yourself with knowledge so that you can make an intelligent, informed choice that will be best for your child.

Let’s start with the wheels. First of all, you need a pram that will match your lifestyle. If you live in an area with rugged terrain, it will be much safer to purchase a pushchair with three wheels. This will allow you to manoeuvre much more easily. You can also look for all-terrain wheels that will not easily slip or slide even on rough and uneven terrain. Obviously, this is particularly important as it will help keep your child safe.

Second, take note of the seat. Would you like to have your child face you? Usually, pushchairs have children facing outwards. Most models these days do have the swivel option, so you can now turn the seat and have your child face you instead. This is not just a whimsy; having your child face you can be quite helpful as you try to keep track of his or her state while you’re out and travelling.

You also need to take the weight and height of your child into consideration. Normally, pushchair makers use age as a defining factor for their products. Remember, though, that not all six-year-olds are of the same size. Some are taller, some are heavier, and all of these children need to find pushchairs that truly cater to their needs. Using an ill-fitting pushchair for your child isn’t only uncomfortable, it’s unsafe!

Speaking of size, you need to make sure that the harness or seatbelt can fit smugly over your child’s frame. Choosing a pushchair with no seatbelt or the wrong-sized one can be uncomfortable on your child. It also won’t be a lot of help in times of accidents, and could even contribute to choking.

One more safety feature you need to remember is the braking system. You have wheels, you need to lock them in case anything weird happens. It’s best to be sure and vigilant at all times, so a powerful brake system can really be important.

If you’re keen on additional bells and whistles, make sure you don’t purchase accessories that are small enough for children to swallow. Some pushchair makers today have special toys that fit into the hood. Just check and make sure these toys aren’t easily detached. Children love nothing more than to stick unidentified objects in their mouth, and choking is a real hazard.


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