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December 31, 2015, by admin, category Weight Loss

Reviewed: Niner BSB 9 RDO cyclocross bike
The BSB can feel a step behind in tight turns, requiring a bit of coaxing to really bullet out of the apex. Our impression? This bike is less of a true racer and more of a gravel bike with an itch for racing. A middle-of-the-road sprinter, the BSB 9 …

Reviewed: Santa Cruz Stigmata cyclocross bike
Light and agile, the Stigmata pairs well with riders who appreciate a technical course. Sprinters, however, are likely to be disappointed with its acceleration. Santa Cruz has created a bike that threads the needle in tight turns, while remaining light …

Cary teen wows local crowds, has sights on bigger ones
… Brooke began the circuit of local open mic nights, usually at coffee shops. The experience performing, Linda said, has helped build her confidence and realize how talented she is. Brooke remembers her first open mic, which was at the Wake Zone in Apex.

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