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No. 1 UK Translation Services by Almiaad Lingua

Almiaad Lingua is growing fast as best Translation Services provider in UK. We are providing translation of almost all languages in the world. We remove language barrier problem in the way of your success. We also translate document from and to any language in the world. Our professional translators are native language speakers so; they can translate accurate and fast. For every language we have specialist professional. Almiaad’s major translation services are French to English Translation Services, English to Arabic Translation, Arabic Translator in Spanish, Translation French to Arabic, Eng to French Translation, French Translator, English to Arabic Translator, Arabic Translation Services, French to Spanish Translation, Arabic Translation Services and many more.

We have connected with various industries like: financial, marketing, tours and travels, airlines, legal translation, media, individual conference, local market, schools and colleges, various websites etc

Services of Almiaad Lingua:

1. Translation and Proofreading:

We provide accurate translation and proofreading services. Native speakers at Almiaad can translate from and to any language. If you are planning to translate your document in languages like French, Arabic, Italian, Swedish, Hebrew, English, German, Bosnian, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Czech, Portuguese, Tagalong, Dutch, Afrikaans, Canadian, Farsi, Greek, Hawaiian, Hindi, Irish, Polish, Urdu, Tamil, Thai, Hungarian, Korean, Latin, Norwegian and this list is not end yet. Confidentiality of your document is guaranteed. In proof reading, we do any type of text like technical, general etc. We also do editing of your document.

2. Interpreting:

In interpreting, we first we hear and understand sentence. Then after convey your message into destination language in front of your audience. This is not an easy task to do. We have experienced interpreter with more than 5 years of experience. We deliver translated sentence with perfect accent of destination language. Our translators perform their tasks for Conferences, business meetings, executive meetings, diplomatic meetings, court hearings etc. our various interpreting services are Liaison interpreting, whispered interpreting, Relay interpreting, Simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpreting etc.

3. Brand Name Analysis:

We are experienced in brand name analysis. If you are from other language speaking country then is it very hard for you to give name to your service or product. We are the solution for you. Our professionals help you to give brand name to your product/ services in any language. This will definitely help you in your marketing strategies.

4. Typesetting and DTP:

We perform Typesetting and DTP activities in PageMaker, CorelDraw, MS Office, Photoshop, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Illustrator, Frame Maker, etc.  We can also translate your corporate power point presentation in any language.

5. Subtitling, Voice-Over and Transcription:

We have our own recording studio for Voice-Over services. We provide to give best output to our clients. We provide debugging and subtitling in video also.

6. Designing Services:

In Designing Services, we provide logo design, corporate identity, branding, textbook and illustration services, printing design, interior design and decoration and 3D design services in.

7. Language Learning Services:

We provide Language learning services to colleges, institutions, corporate sector and also individual etc. It helps to improve your second language. We also provide IELTS and TOEFL language proficiency exam services.

Wherever or whenever you need our UK Translation Services,

Call us on +44 7747769820, +216 96515395, +96899089308

Almiaad Lingua is UK Translation Services. They provide major language translation services like French to Spanish Translation, English to Arabic Translation, Eng to French Translation, French to English Translation Services etc.

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