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April 30, 2016, by admin, category Weight Loss

Body-Fat Scale Review
Five of the body-fat scales read weight accurately, but one, the Qardio QardioBase (which happened to be one of the priciest), routinely overestimated weight by 6 to 10 pounds. When we asked Qardio to respond to our findings, the company told us that …

Top 10 Food Stories of 2015
Consumer Reports has voiced concern about the link between trans fat in food and heart disease for more than 20 years, so we were pleased when the Food and Drug Administration announced that food manufacturers will have to eliminate trans fat from …

People's Picks: 10 Most Popular Cars With Consumer Reports Readers
Forget about the presidential primaries. Another big contest has taken placeā€”the People's Picks. With this contest, the debate is virtual and the results are clear. The people have cast their votes with mouseclicks, indicating the most popular cars so …

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