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January 31, 2015, by admin, category Weight Loss

How Do I Get My Ex to Fall Back in Love With Me? My Exact Step by Step Approach

When my ex broke up with me back in 2007, I was devastated. I was constantly asking myself “how do I get my ex to fall back in love with me?” I really loved my ex but I had no idea how to get them back. I tried everything I could think of, some of which I really wish I had never thought of 🙂

However, I did eventually get my ex back and I am here to show you the exact plan I used to make it happen. If It worked for me I have no doubt it will work for you as well.

Before I get started I want to make it clear to you that you can get back together with your ex. I know you might be thinking that because of what lead to the break up there is no way you can get back together, but I am telling you that you are wrong. I don’t care why the break up happened, you can still get back together.

Now, lets answer your question. “How do I get my ex to fall back in love with me?”

Make Sure You Are Available

 If you are going out with other people on dates, make sure you stop. If your ex see’s that you are going out on dates that will just make them want to go on dates with somebody else. This is obviously not what you want

Show interest in them

Call them up every once in a while and ask them how they are doing. Do not over do this one. Maybe call them once or twice a week. When you talk to them do not mention the past or future, just talk about now. Ask how their day was and how they are. After a while of doing this start to flirt more and more. Once they start flirting back then stop flirting with them and play hard to get. This is really fun 😉

Have a plan

So, what do you think ?