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How Much Money Can You Make And Get Food Stamps

September 26, 2014, by admin, category Weight Loss

Hii, we decided to do something different since we always do some crazy videos. We wanted to make the less fortunate happy and smile. Our intention in this v…
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  1. slaxxxer |

    self promoting scumbags using the homeless to gain massive amounts of
    revenue! – yeah, fucking great.

  2. newportbeam |

    fuck homeless people. get off drugs and alcohol you shameless fuckers.
    never give money to the homeless

  3. Manuel Rocha |

    i’m helping… I’M helping… I SAID I’M HELPING! Hello… Someone’s there?

  4. Luke Noakes |

    All the people who disliked this are probably rich fagots who don’t give a
    fuck about people who live on the streets and people who live mansions
    spending money on shit they don’t need. Heartless pricks.

  5. AwesomeMCGuy |

    very nice of you guys to do that. I my self have given to the homeless and
    helped out. I even have given a few some starter money and houses so that
    they may start having a good happy life, and ill keep on doing so for as
    long as i live

  6. Isolating Duckz |

    How can people dislike this video oh wait they don’t give a shit well all I
    can say who disliked this video I hope you go homeless and see if you will
    be disliking it then because you wished some respected you.
    Homeless people need more respect whoever they are they are humans like us
    and should be truly 100% Respected

    So stop disliking this video show support for the homeless and smile with
    then and like this dam video 

  7. iTruth1 |

    maybe get rid of all the fucking golf courses and build low cost housing
    and give these people a fucking job. Nah. Lets fuck everyone and make
    everyone pay triple for health insurance. Greed. The devil isn’t black, the
    real devil is white with blue eyes. 

  8. Kevser Atik |

    Ok, you dont need to give them money if you dont want to, BUT how about
    little presents Like something to eat, to drink or a t-shirt, like how the
    bro’s doing it in this video??!! START GIVING!
    & may Allah bless you brothers! This video is amazing!

  9. khadijah love |

    Wallahye this is what Islam is all about. I watch this one million times
    and I still have a smile on my face . Hope u guys are doing great.

  10. Miko_ 2112 |

    Thank you for making this video.Made me cry.Btw,I’m new to your channel and
    I watch some of your video,it was great and amazing :)

  11. TheWolfAndLpsLover88 |

    Wow, this mad my day brighter.
    I love to watch videos like this that show kindness to others without the
    basic needs of life.
    If I was doing that, I would allow them to have a bunch of stuff that I
    don’t need
    This almost made me cry.
    Great job all the way.


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