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How Many Different Kinds Of Fruits Are There

May 6, 2015, by admin, category Weight Loss

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  1. Zephyr Dragon |

    :’) i love the songs of 19s i wish all the singers right now are replaced
    by bread :’)

  2. Frank Chiu |

    This is a part of American culture. We don’t have this kind of music and
    song for a while. I really like it.

  3. daniel occoner |

    Great mellow rock of the 60s and 70s. Its all gone now, likely never
    coming back, but not forgotten by those of us that remember.

  4. Speedy |

    One of the first records i bought as a kid. Still carrying all of these
    songs in my heart. Surprised at the
    unselfishness found in the lyrics in many of these songs. Songs that could
    only be written in the age of Aquarius :)

  5. Kayleen Vinuya |

    thanks for uploading this..i’m an old soul so i like this kind of
    songs…relaxing and full of meaning..cheers to that! 

  6. lurkersanonymous |

    thanks for this ~ a great band, beautiful music, wonderful memories and a
    quality upload.

  7. David DePalma |

    great times as a kid I remember hearing these songs during the summer and
    summer love!! miss those days gone forever but in my mind!!

  8. rose susy mariano |

    Wonderful. Thank you very much for songs. God bless Bread.

  9. Mikee Dee |

    You had to have this 8 track in your case…remember putting it in the
    player, then just pulling over to the side of the road go to her side of
    the car open her door and ask her to dance right there…still together
    today…still in love…good memories…


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