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September 30, 2015, by admin, category Weight Loss

Are You Tired? Struggling with Weight? Perhaps It's Your Thyroid
With hyperthyroidism (of which the autoimmune disorder Graves' disease is one type), individuals may experience irritability, nervousness, muscle weakness, unexplained weight loss, sleep disturbances and eye problems. But, says Dr. John Monaco of the …
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Mommy Medicine: Exercising, eating right … and not losing weight
No two people will encounter the same issues or solutions to achieving a healthy weight, so to simply say diet and exercise will work is wrong. Restricting your life by starving or over-exercising is wasting precious time. Life should be fun and …
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Novo Nordisk: Has This Company Solved The Anti-Obesity Sector Woes?
The company is known for its work in the diabetes space, and anti-obesity came into play as a side effect on a diabetes drug. That being said, Novo Nordisk is … Doctors understand the drug. Perhaps something as simple as discussing diabetes with a …
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