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Healthy Food To Eat Everyday To Lose Weight

July 31, 2014, by admin, category Weight Loss

Today I show you some of the simple and easy things that I did to lose over 150 pounds of fat. Weight loss is easily achieved once you start eating the foods…

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  1. bobby dukes |

    I don’t know how you can stomach that many watermelons in a day. After I’ve
    had one, I am pretty much bored with the taste of it.

  2. Jaime Ernesto Rivera Herrera |

    Talk about extremes, man! I mean i’m all for eating healthy but still, you
    have to moderate. Sugar it’s still sugar no matter how you want to see it
    (there’s different kinds of course) but if you can eat 6000 calories of
    fruit per day that’s gonna impact on you somehow. And then is fiber, I do
    believe fruit is a great source of fiber but it varies a lot, you can’t
    expect to have a good digestion if you’re only eating fruits and not
    integrating nuts or cereals into your diet. And protein of course, while
    you may feel alright from all that energy boost you consume in a day your
    body will not see it that way. The problem with diets actually, and
    generally speaking about over and under eating, is that we have to moderate
    and really think about what effects that food have in our bodies not only
    today but for the rest of our life! It’s just my opinion.

  3. Whitney Dees |

    You look so good and happy! I’ve been trying really hard to eat mostly raw
    but it’s just not working for me. Lol. I mean for the most part it is
    working but I’m learning the hard way what my body needs and (I do NOT mean
    to offend anyone but…) I need meat. Lol. I seriously commend anyone able
    to go fully raw! <3 your video! 🙂 and your happy disposition. So
    refreshing!!! :)

  4. Anna Osei |

    Have you seen such a satisfied face!!! that made me laugh!! great vid! 

  5. mjs1231 |

    Wow dude, your face has changed alot. Ya those dark green watermelons are
    the best.

  6. Stanko Krstev |

    Have you heard about Legion Fat Loss? (Google it) It is a quick and easy
    way for you to burn off fat fast.

  7. Kermit D Frog |

    Go for it, it’s awesome that you’re thinking @ that. Make sure to eat your
    fruits and veggies. I am vegan and I daily take a liquid b12 vitamin
    supplement. There’s b12 in fruits and veggies, yet I also supplement to
    make sure it isn’t low. Vegan food is yummy!! Vegan raw food is divine!
    Best of luck! Watch Peta’s videos and you won’t think twice @ being vegan.

  8. Liane Sadler |

    actually livestock eat more plant foods than humans, and humans get a small
    amount of food from it in comparison, if everyone in the world did eat this
    way, it would probably be ok because we wouldn’t be giving such a
    ridiculous amount of it to livestock. if you want to know more about the
    ethical issues and how you can help, can i suggest going to vegankit dot
    com? it really helped me.

  9. InvestArizonaRE |

    I am pretty sure that eating 2 watermelons at a sitting is pretty weird

  10. Rosetti Frost |

    this is my 1st time seeing this dude’s videos…he seems madd chill and
    laid back…and gives good advice for a new vegan like me

  11. WhenMountainsMove |

    Being a human I suppose. Do we need PHD’s to know that fruit is extremely
    healthy with vitamins and minerals in them?

  12. dmk3513 |

    Wow you are awsome I was wondering if I could eat a ton of fruit. I’am a
    pescatarian But I have lost 90 lb’.s in two year’s. So very happy,but
    really trying to go vegan. Lentil’s are where I get most of my protin. But
    really interested on a fruit based diet.

  13. Fantasvale |

    I’m transitioning from vegan to raw vegan cause my body is really asking me
    that, but I still have some trouble thinking that eating 6000 calories per
    day of fruit and veggies will help me losing weight. I used to eat like
    2500/3000 calories on a regular vegan diet and I gained so much weight you
    guys can’t imagine. So… can someone explain to me what the hell…?! 😀

  14. bzylizzy |

    Its the same foods over and over, too boring for me….I couldn’t live on
    watermelon and mango’s everyday!!!

  15. 10Heather |

    Oh never mind you just did haha ! 🙂 I spoke too soon 🙂 awesome videos!

  16. Kermit D Frog |

    Really wish people wouldn’t advertise the latest diet craze on youtube
    comments pages.

  17. Irfatullah Mohammad |

    They laughed when I told them I would shed pounds with Skinnimaker Diet,
    but then I showed them the results. Google Skinnimaker Diet to see their
    reaction. (You should see their shock!)


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