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March 31, 2016, by admin, category Weight Loss

What to Know During an E. coli Outbreak
Eating undercooked ground beef is the most important risk factor for acquiring E. coli O157:H7. Cook all ground … that will not be cooked. Children younger than 5 years of age, immunocompromised persons, and the elderly should avoid eating alfalfa …
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Health is a Personal Journey
Other times an outside factor—a book you read, a celebrity's public health battle, a weight loss TV show or even a column in a magazine (hint, hint)—can trigger that resolve to live healthy. Stephanie Johnson had both—a yin/yang of positive …

Research points to treatments for men suffering from andropause
Despite its frequency, andropause isn't talked about much. We hear more about the hot flashes and mood changes that strike women in their early 50s. One reason is that the symptoms are highly variable, and can be confused with other common illnesses.
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Toni's Garden: Injuries, the sun and biting insects can make a backyard an
While reveling in the outdoors among the blooms and scents, a gardener will burn anywhere from 240 to 326 calories an hour, depending on weight and gender. But, "Oh my aching back!" Back injuries are the … Unlock the knees and let thigh and buttock …
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