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do diet pills cancel out birth control

September 30, 2015, by admin, category Weight Loss

2 new studies show the FDA is rushing more drugs to market based on shoddy
In a second study, the researchers looked at another related issue with drug approval: companies that seek to market their products for "supplemental indications" — beyond what the drug was originally designed to do. (For example, a birth control pill …
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Can't Lose Weight? Blame Your Date Of Birth
Kuk and her team say that the changes in average BMI over time aren't always linked to diet and exercise patterns. She cites pollution, medication, stress, and overall gastrointestinal health as other factors that affect body mass index. “Weight …
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These Are the Best Treatments for Severe PMS, Researchers Say
Options for treating PMDD include birth control pills, psychiatric drugs like antidepressants, and supplements such as saffron, calcium and ginkgo biloba, the researchers say in background notes. The researchers' “reasonable and evidence-based” …

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