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Can You Use Your Food Stamp Card In Any State

October 31, 2015, by admin, category Weight Loss

A Fireplace Can Give Any Room A Little Zest
How does a relaxing evening in front of your very own open hearth, flames crackling, as you spend time with your family sound? Having unforgettable family nights with your family is only one of the many advantages of having a fireplace in your home. Whether your adding a simple limestone surround for your kitchen or a an imposing stone mantle for a great hall, a fireplace is an added bonus for any home.

Fireplaces come in a variety of shapes and sizes, offering whole-home comfort or just to add a little accent. There are fireplaces that are made for your bedroom or bathroom, even smaller fireplaces certified for mobile homes. Some are made of limestone or brick, while the more elite fireplaces are made of bronze, silver, even gold or platinum!

Limestone fireplaces offer a variety of fuels to choose from, including gas, electric, real log, real coal, pebble, or driftwood. You can help make your modern home more beautiful with a curved arch and softened corners, or you can make your country home more inviting with a more traditional fireplace. An attractive fireplace is the focal point of any room. If it’s not, it should be. Furniture and decor are placed in relation to the fireplace, and a good looking fireplace can make a GREAT looking room. If you have good looking limestone fireplaces and great looking rooms, it will increase the value of your home. A potential buyer might imagine using the fireplace, at Christmas Eve while opening gifts with his family or a romantic evening snuggled up with a loved one. This image could affect whether or not they purchase your home.

If you already have a fireplace, you might consider adding another one to a different room. A fireplace in your bathroom is a unique choice. While fireplaces are usually used in living rooms, dens, and bedrooms, the idea of soaking in a warm bath while a cosy fire glows nearby is a gaining trend. New technology in electric and gas fireplace design is the main reason why more and more home owners a choosing to “go with the glow” in they’re bathrooms. Not so long ago, fireplaces required venting to go outdoors, which meant serious renovations. But, newer gas fireplaces are either vent free or only require an outside wall for venting. Have you ever woke on a chilly morning in winter and walked into the bathroom, only to find that the floor is too cold on your feet? A flickering fireplace helps take the chill out of traditionally cool bathroom floors like linoleum and tile.

Not so thrilled with the idea of all the room a fireplace might take up in your bathroom? Another very popular option in master suites is a two-way fireplace. These types of fireplaces a situated in the wall between the bedroom and the bathroom, and they can be seen and enjoyed in either room.

The benefits of having a fireplace in any room in your house are endless, and with the never ending amount of choices out today, why not make a room in your home a WOW! room by adding one?

Jenny is an interior designer who is passionate about the importance of having a home to enjoy. Jenny believes that with any sort of budget, it is possible to change parts of your house to give it a modern and fresh look, which you will happily come home to. For bringing a living room to life, Jenny has a particular soft spot for a limestone fireplace, which can be a brilliant addition. For more information on fireplaces that can alter your living room, advice can be found at Findley House.

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