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Can I Get Food Stamps If I Own A Home

February 28, 2015, by admin, category Weight Loss

How Can I Get a Home Based Business Opportunity Seeker?


Receiving business opportunity seekers used to be a term reserved for those seeking the ideal home business. But now, applicants from home business opportunity have a second sense, and lets you get paid to help people make their dreams. Sounds great, right?
What is a Home Based Business Opportunity Seeker do?
As a home based business opportunity applicant, it is your duty to help customers find their ideal home business. There are several reasons why they need to hire someone to perform this task. Could it be that simply do not have time to conduct an effective investigation, or may feel they are out of their element, in this case?
To serve as a home based business opportunity Seeker
Understand the motivations of your customer.
What does the customer consider opening a home business? Is it simply for the benefit or is it something deeper, like wanting to spend more time with his family and friends or the desire to find his true calling in life?
KSA Know your customer.
KSA stands for knowledge, skills and abilities. KSA know your customers will help you narrow the field to find the opportunity to perfect home based business. Ask your customers to give you a copy of his CV would certainly help. Be sure to ask about other skills or talents they may have that may have no place in a resume as a talent to make a risotto or play guitar. The more you know about your customers, the better position you will help.
Knowing the interests of his client.
What he likes to do in his spare time? This will help you identify business opportunities based at home are less likely to bore. Does he like to fish, because it helps relieve his mind? Does he like bungee jumping, because it has a sense of adventure?
As a home based business opportunity applicant, it is your duty to your client to find a company that will give him the lasting benefit, but will remain challenged and motivated to work at the same time.
What his work preferences?
It is a person or a team that prefers to work mostly alone? He would have preferred to handle all the activities? Will she be comfortable if it is to hire people in the future? He prefers to work at night, or if it is in good condition and to maintain normal business hours? He likes to be on the pitch, or if it is more comfortable behind a desk? He prefers to work hard, formal, informal structures, free-flow of them?
How can you afford to invest?
Not all home business opportunities can be started from scratch so it is important to know how your customers can afford to invest. If the opportunity ideal home based business it requires a greater amount of capital than it can afford, you should also consider the help to find sustainable sources of capital from angel investors, venture capitalists and bank loans.
As a seeker home based business opportunity, work does not end when the customer has taken this decision. You may also have to help them get licenses and permits necessary to help him launch his company. But do not worry, you can download the extras. Congratulations to help make people’s dreams come true!

Yasir Samad is a head marketing and SEO consultant for Hilal Technology. Hilal Technology provides a widerange of SEO and website design services.

So, what to do with all of those pretty embossed cookie flowers from my last video? Glad you asked! In this video, I show how to use them, along with stamped…


  1. ladyjaneofdunans |

    Oh Julia, after grading 26 animal reports, 26 tests and another 26 report
    cards, I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to relax with watching
    something so lovely. What a way to end the evening!

  2. Julia M Usher |

    NEW VIDEO ALERT: Sorry for the delay in posting this week, but I was
    teaching on a cookie cruise to Cozumel, and just returned to a reliable
    Internet connection. Anyway, here’s a Valentines-y way to decorate with
    those embossed cookies I shared in last week’s video! Enjoy!

  3. Clyde Day |

    Very very awesome cookie. Could you use wafer paper wrapped around a pencil
    to make the (straw) part?. You could use a small brush to brush on a small
    amount of water to stick the paper to itself, and then just pull the pencil
    out, and have an edible straw.

  4. Jesse Pinkman |

    If someone gave this to me, I would feel bad about breaking/eating it
    because of the amount of time spent on it. Everything you make is so
    detailed and intricate. It’s beautiful. 

  5. Elena Byzova |

    Thank you Julia, it is a wonderful video and I particularly love that you
    are giving so much thought to details descriptions and all the little
    details, it is so inspiring and incredibly satisfying. Thank you!

  6. Gii Garcia |

    Wow!! Everything you make is a beautiful, intricate work of art. I wouldn’t
    want to eat them. I would display them in a cake stand with a glass dome
    cover and hope that they stay like that forever 🙂 

  7. Gia Euripide |

    This is so pretty and great for valentine’s day I can’t wait to try and
    make this. I’ve been meaning to watch some of your videos but school and
    science projects and book reports I couldn’t find any free time to watch
    your amazing a creative videos or really like do anything at all

  8. calwyn408 |

    Do you have a link to that specific rubber stamp you use? For the fondant
    border? I went to the website but they have so many I couldn’t find it. I
    really love this video, especially the alternative gold embossed cookie!
    Even though I don’t care for the holiday much, I have so many ideas for
    Valentines Day cookies, this just one more I can try!

  9. Naticris Tellavi |

    How often often do you clean/wash the stamp pads? Do you use a different
    one for each color? Thank you for another lovely video.

  10. Mary Hagler |

    Once again I an blown away with your amazing cookies! I am still a beginner
    in the world of cookie decorating and I was wondering when you were going
    to do more videos on piping.

    I can’t wait until your next video!! 

  11. Дочь Христова |

    Absolutely love yours talent!!!! So many ideas !!!! Did try my self some of
    it ! Can i ask you- where i can buy a stamps? Thank you.

  12. Lourdes arreola |

    Hi Julia, tomorrow I will try to make one of your designs Valentine’s. wish
    me luck. I am your fan # 1 jijiji thanks for your videos

  13. Ashley P |

    Is it safe to back at 375 in the first impression molds?!? Gonna try making
    some cute flower cookies:)

  14. littleredsubmarine |

    My goodness! Such patience and time! It is absolutely beautiful and

  15. AlucardRawks |

    Would you sell these cookies? How much would you charge? I’m not asking
    because I want to buy, just pure curiosity.

  16. Xia Mi 夏咪 |

    我很喜歡 你的影片 但是我看不懂英文 QAQ 可以跟我說食譜嗎?

  17. Дочь Христова |

    Thank you sooo much ! God really bless you with you talent! 

  18. DSherman50 |

    Positively beautiful! I was wondering, will the valentine last and if so,
    for how long? They are keepsake quality and I wouldn’t want anyone to eat
    them. Hope you’re feeling better now. Thanks for sharing, I “liked” your
    video as always!


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