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best zero build in borderlands 2

May 19, 2017, by admin, category Weight Loss

Double Thor Fast Expand Terran Build Order – Starcraft 2 Tvt Strategy
If you’re having trouble with early Banshees in your base harassing your workers and killing your Marines, then you need to try this build out. It will allow you to get 2 Thors out very early in the game to defend your base against any kind of air attack and even ground attacks. Then you can take the lead fast by expanding early and making a huge army.

Start off with the Standard Terran build order: Depot at 10, Barracks at 12, Refinery at 13, Orbital Command and your first Marine at 15, then a Supply Depot. Then you’ll want to lay down your Factory right when you get 100 gas. When the Factory is done make a Hellion then add a Tech Lab onto it. Also build an Armory as fast as you can to get access to Thors.

When your Hellion is done you can push out and do an early attack against your opponent to kill off as much of their army as you can. This will force a stalemate and give you time to expand. After your first Thor is being made, start building a Command Center so you can expand.

Build another Thor right away so you can defend against attacks on your Expansion. When your Command Center is done, transfer some of your workers and start mining out of your new base. Soon you’ll have an enormous income so you’ve got to build a lot of structures to be able to spend all those resources.

You can afford to add on around 4-5 Barracks and a Starport, depending on what units you’re making. Start making Marauders and Siege Tanks to help defend and you’ll have a good force to push out with soon. When you make your attack, expand to a third base so your economy stays nice and high.

The key to making this build work is practicing it a few times and focusing on having very good macro during the whole game. Without macro your income will start to fall behind and you’ll likely get out-numbered by your opponents forces.

To learn more about this early expand Thor build and find even more SC 2 Terran build orders check out my blog.

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