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May 19, 2017, by admin, category Weight Loss

Text Message Voting For Television Newscasts: The Latest Weapon In Marketing Arsenal
Today’s viewers are not mere spectators. They want interaction and freedom of expression. They want to support their favorite team, opine about a product, react to an event and express concern over various issues. Irrespective of where they are located, viewers want to do it all while watching television. Thankfully, the advent of digital communication technology has empowered the viewers with not only information but also the freedom of its utility.

Interactive television allows users to text their votes and ideas.

The advanced information technology has two important characteristics:

* It is constantly updated. It is very dynamic in nature and upgrades are a norm.
* It enables multi-lateral contributions. This is decisive in changing the very character of the technology. [More…]

Interactive marketing through television

Initiated by the internet, the interactive feature has now percolated to the television. The era of receiving telecast without watchers having a say is getting over. Interactive television that gives freedom to the viewers to express their opinion is fast becoming an accepted form of viewership. This feature is speedily absorbed by the marketing moguls and is spreading speedily similar to mobile marketing.

Mobiles and television has an underlining common feature; and that is its widespread presence. Television sets and mobile phones have already reached every household. These two media having already penetrated to the deepest possible level can provide an effective platform for advertising and marketing.

Text message solution

Like mobile marketing; advertisers and marketers can ride on the television to make their products reach every household. However, as discussed earlier, interaction is the key that will enable viewers to get involved and feed back. In this perspective, text message solution has evolved as an important tool to interactive marketing through television.

Viewers come across a text message voting while watching not only sales promotion or sponsored programs, but also during a newscast. As viewers are always wanting for the latest news and updates, the viewership of news channel is never waning. To allow text message voting while watching newscast is tempting and inviting to viewers for interaction.

Text message voting for television newscast provides for the following:

* Gauge public opinion: By having direct and almost real time feedback on the events; advertisers, marketers and television programmers are able to monitor public opinion and steer their strategies to suit the public temper. By gauging the public opinion, marketing efforts can be concentrated to achieve maximum gains.
* Immediate results: Unlike other surveys, the real time characteristic of text message voting gives immediate results. Analysis does not have to wait to gather complete information and calculations to understand viewers’ pulse. The results are out live, then and there.
* Create database of viewers: The number of viewers watching and inputting feedbacks can help in the creation of database of viewers. Such database can be useful in creating a target for mobile marketing, mobile advertising and specialized television promotions.

That is why the text message voting for television newscast it the latest weapon in the arsenal of marketing and advertising.

Anthony Wayne is a consultant for He is also an expert on text message voting and text marketing.

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