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December 31, 2016, by admin, category Weight Loss

Nursing Universities And The Need To Implement New Technologies
With the advances of technology changing the way people interact and obtain information, it stands to reason that those in the medical field have taken advantage of the advances to benefit both patient and care provider. Nursing universities should take this into account for their incoming classes to better prepare the students to be successful in the ever-changing, increasingly digital medical environment.

Some of these new medical technologies that have already become a mainstay are those being used by home-care providers. Linda Sheffield, the VP of, is quite familiar with the use and advantages of using Telehealth. Telehealth is a remote monitoring system that can send vital sign recordings (blood sugar levels, blood pressure, etc.) from a homebound patient to the assigned nurse. If there are any unusual fluctuations, the nurse will be able to see it right away and visit the patient, instead of waiting for the assigned day or time.

Bluetooth technology has also become an essential tool for nurses who use it to track a patient’s vital signs after being discharged from the hospital. They are sent home with various medical instruments to keep track of vital signs and are equipped with additional Bluetooth technology so that information can be sent electronically to the nurse. There are various providers of such technology, including Advanced Monitored Caregiving (AMC), and as VP of AMC states, “We are building communication bridges between the patients and their care teams.”

The Intel Health Guide is a monitoring system that also acts as an educational tool. Intel Digital Health Group offers a type of system that can record trends in health and help the nurse and patient pinpoint any problems that may arise and discover the source of these problems. GE has created QuietCare, which is a home medical monitoring system that strategically places sensors in key areas of the house. Data is sent to the care-giver when anything unusual happens, in addition to sending vital sign recordings.

There are a vast spectrum of other technological advances that have significantly helped nurses with their job and increased the satisfaction and safety of the patient.Nursing universities should get on board with these changes and begin teaching their students now rather than wait until later. With these added curriculum components, nursing university graduates will already have a thorough understanding of how these systems work. Graduates from nursing schools where this technology is taught will have an advantage over their nursing counterparts from schools where new technology is not part of the program. Nursing universities are the training grounds for the next generation of nurses and other healthcare professionals and they should all be trained to use the advanced technology seen today since it will be a large part of their future careers.

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