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best universities in canada

December 31, 2015, by admin, category Weight Loss

Canadian university administrators say online threats a growing concern
Administrators at several universities across Canada say online threats are a growing concern, and stress campus security and police have been working to keep up with emerging risks and harness technology to keep students, faculty and staff safe in …
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York University announces establishment of Dahdaleh Insitute for Global Health
York University in Ontario, Canada this month announced the establishment of The Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health, in honour of Victor Dahdaleh – a prominent UK-based Canadian business leader and York alumnus who recently donated $ 20m to the …

'Practically free' university is changing lives
There are 76 Canadians signed up at the school, 65 of whom started in the last academic year, and half of whom are enrolled in the business program. About 40 per cent of the Canadian … It's as if the world's best universities are volunteering to …
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