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May 19, 2017, by admin, category Weight Loss

Women on the Management Team

Teamwork is in big demand these days. As a woman in management you will likely be advised to develop your own leadership style and base it on who you are. That means lead from your strengths and be willing to acknowledge your weaknesses. When you build your management team be sure to build in people who bring strengths that you lack. The whole rationale for teams is that each member brings strengths so that together the team has far more skills than any one member of the team.

People will work together best when there is a plan. The plan allows everybody to be on the same page. The leader’s job is to make sure there is a plan: not just any plan but a plan that is right for the situation and the people who will implement the plan. In order for that to happen the people who will implement the plan need to take part in the making of the plan. A good leader /manager solicits and welcomes what the team members and work force contribute in the planning process.

• Being the boss or one of the bosses does not mean you will walk around all day giving orders. It means that you will constantly be gathering input from everyone involved in order to plan realistically. It means you will involve your workers in the planning process. It also means you will support your workers. In order to support your workers you need to find out from each of them what kind of support would be most helpful.

• Working in teams to the extent possible and practical allows the workforce to pull together.

• If you organize your people into work groups, projects and task forces for teamwork, bear in mind that work groups of 3 to 5 persons are ideal. This is because those in work groups of that size tend to be self-policing. They will find ways to keep any one member from talking too much. Leadership will emerge. Each member of the group will take responsibility. Tasks within the team or project will be assigned in a reasonable and sensible manner, especially if the team members work it out amongst themselves.

Incorporating work groups into your management style will bring you the blessings of shared responsibility, shared leadership and shared “ownership” of projects. You will discover that being in management does not involve carrying around a whip to keep your people in line. They will keep themselves in line, they will self motivate and they will work hard.

The manager who needs threats to get results is on the wrong track. Workers who only do what is demanded are on the wrong track. Women in management who “fly solo” are also on the wrong track. When you embrace teamwork the fact that you are a woman in management will become only that: a fact.

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