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best restaurants in boston

August 31, 2014, by admin, category Weight Loss

Lounging in the Best Boston Restaurants

Straight-back chairs and small circle tables are nice, but let’s face it sometimes you just want to lounge around. I am about to give you all my secret tips for Lounging in the Best Boston Restaurants. Use this for the nights when you just want to lay back with a good drink and not worry about your posture.

To start, the seating is critical. I am a huge fan of couches. I do not mean the ornate sofas with the spiral wooden handles and metal studs; I mean the big couches covered in soft leather that swallow me up and make me feel like I could live in that couch. I am much more partial to leather for two reasons: one you do not have to feel bad when you accidentally spill your drink or maybe lose a couple drops at a funny joke and two, pure sanitation. I am not a germ freak by any means but it just makes good sense. Leather can be wiped clean with some Clorox wipes; you can’t say the same for fabric. Couches also help to set the mood. This can make people feel comfortable and relaxed. When I’m in a nice restaurant, comfy couches go a long way.

Lighting also plays a huge role in a great lounging experience. Lounges tend to make me feel sophisticated and just cool all around. There is something very “grown-up” about casually sipping on drinks with friends or maybe mysterious strangers in a dark corner, on unconventional seating that is just plain awesome. The “dark” part is key. You can’t be cool in a bright or adequately light room. It needs to be dim; this adds to the mysteriousness of it and also makes everyone around look better looking, which benefits everyone. The cool look of the Best Boston Restaurants is generally achieved through funky, antique lamps or maybe some unique hanging pendants. Lighting also is helpful if this lounge is part of a cigar shop or smoke shop. Whether you smoke yourself or absolutely detest it no one can deny that smoke looks sick when it curls through the air and hits the light. And once again it adds to the “cool” and mysterious aspect of the lounge.

Once you have the perfect leather couches and chairs accompanied with some retro lighting all you need to do is add some sort of table. I suggest old steamer trunks or anything that was not meant to be used as a table but can be. It is details like this that make a lounge unique and make you want to go back and take your friends there. A cool spot is also great for when your out-of-town friends are visiting.

Lounging in the Best Boston Restaurants can be a fun and memorable time if you do it right. If you look for these three key aspects of leather furniture, dim lighting, and random tables you can discover a special place that makes you feel hip and cool. So be on the lookout while wandering around Boston.

Paul Marino has been writing about the restaurant industry for over 20 years. He recommends FiRE and iCE as one of the Best Boston Restaurants for a unique and memorable dining experience.


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