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PMP Practice Question And Answer for your PMP Exam

A person who has sat for the PMP Exam (Project Management Professional Exam) knows that learning the PMBOK Guide and having 35 Contact Hours is just not sufficient. Whenever we are thinking about any PMP Free training then there is only one way and that is self study; however, there are very less chances to pass PMP Exam. When you talk about the PMP Course, it covers a lot of ground and the questions are not as straightforward as one would hope. Of the ones that have passed the exam, an overwhelming percentage of them will tell you that they used more than just one study method.

So, if you want to pass the PMP Exam successfully then you must go with PMP Course, PMP Practice Question, etc. instead of PMP Free. Because in case of PMP Free, PMP applicant has to learn the mechanics of taking the exam and that is not easy without any training.

Being able to answer PMP Practice Question is crucial to your exam success. After all, the PMP exam has only multiple choice questions. However, there are a number of question styles and each has their purpose as well as caveats:

PMP Exam Question Types:

FORMULA based questions: They are more than just ‘solving for the median’ or calculating produced value. There are approximately 49 PMP exam formulas which you must know backwards as well as forwards in order to pass the PMP Exam.

SITUATIONAL questions: These kinds of questions tend to be very long winded. The idea behind this is that in real life you will be handed both appropriate as well as extraneous information. In this phase you need to identify what’s related, disregard what doesn’t matter and then act upon the real issues.

KNOWLEDGE based questions: These phase requires you to identify the meaning of the situation based on your understanding of the facts provided. Moreover, knowledge based question may also ask you to recognize an example chart or graph, like recognizing a RACI or Pareto chart.

INTERPRETATIONAL questions: It tests your capability to assume a situation or situation from the description of a status or problem.

SPECIFIC TECHNIQUE questions: These questions will provide a snap shot of a state, like a network diagram, and ask you to give an element that’s inherent in that diagram such as forward pass or backward pass.

PMBOK GUIDE KNOWLEDGE questions: This will test your awareness of precise areas, like “Which of these processes are not parts of the Initiating Process Group?” or “What are the inputs to the Create WBS process?

So, if you want to pass the PMP Exam then you need to learn about the different types of PMP Practice Question that appear on the exam and practice them using a high-quality online PMP Course provider.

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