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best netbook in 2012

December 31, 2016, by admin, category Weight Loss

Dell Inspiron Mini 1011 Netbook Review


A claim in their marketing of Dell’s announcement on Inspiron Mini 1011 Netbook states that the battery life for this new model is up to 9.5 hours. During testing, we did not get the battery to more than about three hours, based on what we were trying to do survive. The Dell Inspiron Mini 1011 netbook has a 160 GB hard drive, big enough for most people pictures and iTunes, a very lightweight chassis, large keyboard and trackpad and an exceptional wireless card.

The small size and light weight of the Dell mini makes it ideal for anyone on the move, it is easy to email, surf the web, watch movies read and generally keep in touch when traveling. Like most Dell machines, this netbook comes installed with an application support center to receive basic assistance and even comes with remote desktop support.

The compact display and large keypad make this a handy, compact device that is “best in class” industrial design and designed from the ground to the perfect companion to have. Many netbooks are notorious for having keyboards and trackpads that are difficult to use because of their size, but this machine is not one of them, but also has three USB ports, a digital card reader and built-in webcam for good measure. Inspiron Mini 10 has a number of different hard drives and up to 2 GB of memory and as netbooks are cheaper than full-size laptops, the budget may be the perfect netbook for families with school-age children. A brand new model with Windows 7 at the time of writing for under? 200.

Many variations are still shipped with Windows XP Home, but for some reason, almost everything we have noticed has not come with a card reader installed. Our test notebook ran Windows 7 Starter Edition that was fine for some things, but slow to a crawl when more than three applications were carried out at once.

Although there are a number of more modern netbooks with improved performance, faster processing and more features than the Dell 1011, few like it in value.

For what it is, the Dell 1011 is ideal for surfing the Internet and working on the go. Its light weight makes it great for touring, but the battery life is a disappointment compared to some newer competitors. For the majority of people who consider buying this netbook will cost the big concern, but for some buying an established brand like Dell will be the critical factor. Verdict 3 / 5


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