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best films in 2012

July 30, 2016, by admin, category Weight Loss

Recording Short Films On A Mobile Phone
Technology has advanced so much in the past few years that mobile phones have really become a one stop shop for most people. It is pretty common knowledge that just about anything and everything can be done on a mobile phone, including recording short films.
If youre stuck with a phone that does all the irregular things, like make phone calls and send text messages, creating short films can be a great way to pass the time by while on holidays, on a road trip or even during your lunch break.

The Best Mobile Phone for Short Films

The iPhone 4 is a premier mobile phone that has the capability of recording short films on the phone. Not only can you create the short film but you can also use software that edits your film. Lets be honest. You will not be able to make a full featured film or even a film of great quality but you can certainly let your creative juices flow.

Plus, knowing that you can create and edit short films on a mobile phone now, the future leaves the door open for even more advances. In a few years, you may be able to make styled commercials just using your mobile phone alone.

The First Short Film Recorded on a Mobile Phone

The first movie ever to be recorded and edited using only the iPhone 4 is called Apple of My Eye which was filmed by Micharl Korbel. This will never turn into an Oscar winning film but this short film is remarkable for other attributes.

Basically, a granddaughter and her grandfather are walking along the street eating ice cream, when they stop in front of a store window and watch a toy train pass by. The grandfather stands still, mesmerised by a toy train.

The viewer watches all of the places that the train travels to from the point of view of the grandfather. As the granddaughter tries to wake her grandfather from his daze he comes to tell her that he has an old story to tell her as they continue on their journey.

There is a certain level of creativity and thought behind the film that is portrayed well, even though its on a mobile phone. There is very little dialogue, but the music and imagery do spark a little emotion from the viewer.

Is the film a little cheesy? Of course. But what do you expect from recording a short film on a mobile phone. It is amazing that this type of quality and picture can be captured by just and that the entire short film can be edited on the thing you hold in your hand (the phone, for those playing at home).

So, now that you can see the levels of creativity that can be reached when it comes to filming a movie on your mobile phone, why dont you try it out yourself?

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