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October 31, 2015, by admin, category Weight Loss

Anti Aging Food – Dr Oz’ Findings on the Best Longevity Food to Push Back the Clock

Anti aging food is all the rage at the moment, as Dr Oz recently reviewed the National Geographic findings on where people around the world live the longest.

After a seven year study it was concluded that there are four places in the world where being a centenarian was not at all unusual and riding your bicycle at 105 doesn’t turn any heads. Of these four hot spots, one was in Costa Rica and the other was in Sardinia where it was announced that these were held as the leading communities in being the most healthy and holding the longevity record.

The foods which attributed to these people’s anti-aging were what doctors had known about all along, except that they had never carried out enough extensive research on people who implemented these diets. One of these diets was found in Sardinia.

Firstly, the people there consumed high a calcium diet, found in their daily intake of goats milk and Pecorino cheese. Calcium is obviously great for the bones and muscles and having strong bones in later life is crucial in case of a slip or fall.

Secondly, large quantities of iron were found in their food. Mainly due to the large consumption of fish, most notably sardines. Iron is very important for protecting against heart disease and having a strong heart is integral if you want to push back the clock.

And thirdly, and here is where the secret was revealed was in red wine. Red wine in Sardinia contains three times the volume of resveratrol than you will find in you local bottle from the supermarket. Resveratrol is found in the grape skin and is in fact a fungi which fights off bacteria. If consumed in the body, this polyphenol essentially acts as an artery scrubber.

Unfortunately the wine from your local store will contain little if not no resveratrol as it will most likely have been farmed using pesticides which restricts the grapes natural ability to produce ResV. However, after three years of study – Resveratrol is available in a juice or capsule form. One container of 60 capsules is equivalent to 1000 bottles of wine so the concentration is obviously high!

If you are slightly dubious about Resv’s claims, Resveratrol are currently offering a “14 Day Free Trial” – No strings attached.

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