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May 19, 2017, by admin, category Weight Loss

The Mysterious Black Koi

The Black Koi is really only different from other types of Koi due to it’s color. The Kumonryue first made a splash on the scene in the 1980’s. Of the many varieties of Black Koi it is the most popular. The inspiration for their name originated with this particular type of Koi’s resemblance to the dragons in paintings of centuries ago in Japan, in fact the literal translation of “Kumonryue” is “dragon fish”. These Koi, along with the Matsukawabe, can change their color.

In fact, one of the main attractions that Koi hold for pond owners is the great variety of colors that they display. An even greater attraction is the idea of owning  a fish that can literally change colors right before one’s eyes as the Black Koi can!

Koi pond owners need to be careful since it is quite easy to fall in love with with the wide variety of colors that the Koi offers. That is why many owners will end up purchasing too many fish, thus overcrowding their ponds and negatively affecting their Koi’s environment and health.

The Japanese have been patient in developing the Koi. Over the years their breeding has produced numerous colors and more pattern combinations than can be mentioned in one short article. Using water temperature and diet they turned the common carp, with only one or two colors, into a glorious and diversely hued creature. It was an almost magical transformation!

The first Black Koi species that mutated were called Magoi. They appeared to be black when you stood above them looking down, but they were actually a bronze color. Magoi blood is being sought after for breeding purposes because of the Magoi’s larger size. Breeders are hoping to hasten growth and maximize size of their Koi through these efforts.

Seasonal conditions, diet and water temperature can fluctuate and affect the color of all the Koi species. The Matsukawabake Koi is a Black Koi with white areas on it’s body. This Koi has been known to change back and forth from completely white, to black and back to white depending only on water temperature. This is a thrill to observe as most Koi coloration will only dull or brighten as conditions change.

In Japan “Karasu” means “crow”. The Karasu Koi has a black body and fins and can also have an orange or white belly. It is also one of the most ancient species.

Koi fish are popular in both indoor and outdoor ponds throughout the world. Their life span is generally from 25 to 35 years although some have been recorded to have lived as long as 200 years!

People seek out Koi because of their ease of maintenance, the colors they offer and the relationship that grows over time. The Black Koi is particularly popular primarily because of their ability to change color right in front of your eyes!

The author, Alan Deacon, is a Koi expert. To find out more great information about the black Koi and Koi ponds visit ==>

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