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June 30, 2015 | by admin | category Weight Loss

Freezing Parsley is Easy When You Know How

Freezing parsley is a very convenient and efficient way of preserving the herb.

It’s almost instant – much more in tune with our ‘do it now’ culture of modern times than old fashioned methods of drying.

It’s also more reliable – drying parsley can be a hit and miss affair – it can go ‘musty’ and that makes it useless.

You can freeze parsley any time you have an excess – it doesn’t have to be for out of season use – you can add frozen parsley to your cooking to save the mess of chopping on a daily basis.

Frozen parsley is as good as fresh if you do it right.

So – do you want a month’s supply or a winter supply?

Work out how many times you will want to use it – if it’s a month, then you need to think about what recipes you’ll use it for -a parsley sauce, an ingredient in a dish or a garnish?

If it’s for winter, you’ll need to be a little more thoughtful and probably a bit more generous in the amount you freeze down.

If you have a glut of parsley growing in your garden and you want to do ‘one cut’ and save time over the next few weeks, then go this way:-

Gather your parsley from the plants and chop ‘handfuls’ – put into small poly bags and squeeze as much air out of them as you can.

Put these bags into a larger bag or a plastic container (labelled ‘parsley’ as herbs look the same when they’re frozen) and put in your freezer.

These herbs are for use within 4 to 6 weeks – it’s just a way of ‘doing a job once’ and getting the benefit for many times – one lot of chopping and clearing bits of parsley from the kitchen.

If you want to freeze parsley for winter use then you need to approach it in a slightly different way.

The best way is to freeze it in ice cube trays and when they’re solid, pack in a poly box or bag.

You will need:-

– paper towel

– ice cube trays

– freezer labels

– freezer marking pen

– strong freezer bags/poly boxes

– chopping knife

– chopping board

Pick your parsley early in the morning, then wash it and place it to dry on paper towels.

Once it’s dried off, chop it finely and pack it into ice cube trays – add a spot of water to cover and put the trays into the freezer.

When it’s frozen solid, turn the cubes out and put them into a labelled poly bag or box – labelling is important here – all your herbs will look the same once they’re frozen.

Use strong bags and maybe double them up – put the cubes in one bag, then put that bag inside another.

You’ll be keeping these herbs for about 6 months before the growing season starts again, so you want to protect against freezer burn.

If the bag tears, then replace it.

A bag is better than a box in many ways – firstly, it takes up less space and secondly, as you use the parsley, you can squeeze it down to get the air out of it, so lessening the chance of ‘freezer burn’.

The next question is – how much to freeze?

Work out how many times a week you would like to use parsley in cooking.

A sauce once a week – an addition to cooking?

How do you normally use it?

Say it’s 6 months before your herbs are growing strongly enough in the garden to be able to take a cutting of parsley for instance.

That’s 26 weeks – how many times will you use a tablespoon (that’s about 2 ice cubes) of parsley in a recipe?

Twice a week equals 112 cubes – so you need 9 or 10 ice trays to make enough to last you.

It might take you a few days to freeze down this much but it will be well worth it – by freezing parsley, you will get a much fresher tasting result than drying.

Liz Alderson is the webmaster of which is a free resource for information on all things herbal – from growing to using herbs.

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June 30, 2015 | by admin | category Weight Loss

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best weight loss pills online

June 30, 2015 | by admin | category Weight Loss

Biz Bits: 6 ways to make your business better this summer
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June 30, 2015 | by admin | category Weight Loss

Area senior club updates and trips
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How To Lose Weight If You Are Obese

June 30, 2015 | by admin | category Weight Loss

5 Weight Management Tips for Obese Kids

Kids can be obese too, and if the latest surveys are to be believed, then today’s kids are at the biggest risk of becoming the obese generation of tomorrow. Weight management for kids is a particularly sensitive issue, as some experts believe that fat kids happen to have puppy fat which will shed away once they grow up, while others believe that kids whose eating and exercise habits are not checked in time can become the obese men and women tomorrow.

So here are 5 typical weight management tips for kids to help them lose that fat and become well-built men and lithe, slim women! Read on to know more –

1.  Choose a Healthy Lifestyle Yourself – Choose eating healthy yourself and be an ideal ‘role model’ for your kids. For kids emulate what they see, and if you are eating the spinach and green veggies with as much satisfaction on your face when eating the ham and pork sausages or fries, your kids will vie to eat the same too. This will help your weight management as well as your kids as a bonus!

2.  Don’t Order, Guide – Don’t order your kid around to eat the good stuff. The more Hitler-ish you become with the food, the lesser chances of you writing weight loss testimonials for your kids online! Offer rewards for eating healthy food. But bear in mind that the reward should not be some other rich dish itself, or chocolates or fries. That will negate all the good work done in a second!

3.  Ration Food Portions – Ration food portions for your kids as a better weight management system. The more rational you are while dividing the dishes among your kids in a healthy way, the more motivated your kids will feel while eating healthy!

4.  Encourage Visits to the Playground – Encourage your kids to stay active. Physical activity like playing outdoor games and sports not only helps in better weight management but also helps improve the social skills of your kids. Another plus point of this is that you can accompany your kids at the playground – which will help you enjoy some practical weight loss testimonials yourself too!

5.  Don’t Lose Hope, There’s a Lifetime Ahead! – Getting frustrated with kids because they didn’t follow what weight management system rules you laid down for them is not the right way to the results we advise. There’s a long, long time for the kids to realize the benefits of healthy eating and if you think they will get your point like an adult does in a short period of time, you are dead wrong! Stay beside them and guide them along, and you will find yourself writing weight loss testimonials about your kids sooner than you would have expected!

Taking preventive measures is easier and better than looking for a cure. So unless you are waiting for your kids to cross that thin line into obesity and lose their way back, guide them with precise weight management advice and weight management systems – and you will find that you have been a great parent after all!

Thank you for reading,I work as a researcher in London, England looking into weight management and weight management advice if you have any questions or comments about my article please leave them below and also visit this weight loss testimonials website for more such info.

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do weight loss pills make your breasts smaller

June 30, 2015 | by admin | category Weight Loss

ASK THE DOCTOR: Breast cancer surgery has made my arm swell
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Can You Use A Protein Shake As A Meal Replacement

June 30, 2015 | by admin | category Weight Loss

Protein Keeps You Satisfied

While you might need carbs right before you go jogging in order to have that immediately accessible energy, if you want to build lean muscle mass, stay satisfied between meals, and feel less hungry throughout the day, research shows that higher levels of protein in your diet may help.

Protein breaks down into amino acids, the basic building blocks of our cellular structure. Because amino acids cannot be stored the way carbs and fats can, our bodies need a more constant supply. By keeping a small amount of protein in your body at all times, you can better control your appetite and your tendency to sneak that unhealthy snack between meals.

Protein comes from a variety of sources, including meat, eggs, fish, and dairy. Eating a balance of these foods is the best approach, but make sure that you choose low fat protein sources (chicken breast is better than bacon, low-fat mozzarella is better than cheddar for example).

Choosing Good Protein

While protein can help you feel satiated and promote weight loss, it is very important that you choose the right proteins. One of the best sources of protein you can add to your diet is seafood. Eating a three ounce portion of fish three to four times a week not only gives you the benefit of protein from the standpoint of appetite control, but fish like salmon also have omega-3 fatty acids, making it an excellent choice for heart health.

Your meal replacement product has the perfectly designed balance of protein to help you feel full longer, provide your body with the essential amino acids it needs, and encourage your body to build lean muscle. You should also add protein to your diet by choosing low-fat protein sources.

Low fat meats are also a good source of protein. Chicken is an excellent source, but you should choose white meat over dark for the lowest fat content. You should always remove the skin before eating, since chicken skin is very fatty and unhealthy.

You can get a double-dose of good health by choosing to add dairy protein to your diet. Fat-free milk, low-fat yogurt, and low-fat cheese are all excellent sources of protein. They are also great sources of calcium, which is necessary for strong bones and joints. Recent studies have shown that increasing the amount of dairy in your diet can promote weight loss, too.

Eggs have had a bad reputation for a long time, but they are truly one of the least expensive sources of protein available. Even the American Heart Association endorses eggs as a healthy heart choice (they recommend no more than one egg per day for a healthy adult; check with your doctor if you are on a modified diet).

Other great sources of protein include beans, pork, and soy. Beans have the added benefit of being full of fiber, so you feel full for a long time, and a small serving of beans can contain as much protein as a piece of meat (without the fat!). Certain cuts of pork (not bacon or ham) like tenderloin or lean chops are a great source of protein and much healthier than beef. Soy protein not only helps you feel full but also reduces cholesterol and can reduce your risk of heart disease.

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All Rights Reserved
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Does Whey Protein Make You Gain Muscle Mass

June 30, 2015 | by admin | category Weight Loss

Gain Muscle Mass and Weight Fast If You Cannot Bulk Up

—> Visit Methods that Navy SEALS (latest version)

Skinny group can expansion muscle load and import fast with the proper combination of exercises and import expansion diet. But in the field of order to attain a muscular physique like individuals of bodybuilders would require much new effort. It requires illustrious chastisement and mental focus. This article long for shed round about light on the keep fit routines you can act to attain a well-defined body and expansion muscle strength, muscle load and import.

Import expansion duty not stay attained by changes in the field of diet no more than. Ample exercises are essential to ensure a healthy import encourage. If you are cracked and in the past few minutes would like to add round about pounds to your skinny build, you can consider working shown thrice for each week. Designed for every work-out, engage in the field of round about moderate raw activities such in the role of jogging, fresh walking before fast walking, before dramatic piece a game of sport. Stay effective to sweat it shown designed for partially an hour before new.

Group retain found it valuable to locate an keep fit partner, whether to turn designed for regular runs, before operate shown by the side of the leisure center. It wouldn’t stay so boring and lonely to keep fit so therefore. A new benefit is the mutual encouragement so as to both of you can undertake to every other. This would spur you on to inculcate the chastisement essential to keep in good condition an keep fit regime. Study shows so as to if you repeatedly act an bill designed for 40 days, it would stay deep-rooted in the field of your mind in the role of a tendency. It’s not very wonder so as to group would turn on cold fiasco designed for 40 days to renounce a tendency such in the role of smoking before in the past few minutes approximately several addiction. Keep fit is healthy addiction, isn’t it?

—> Tacfit commando Download (latest version)

We retain looked by the side of how you can keep fit to expansion muscle load and import fast. Resistance training by the side of the leisure center would stay even new beneficial to add new muscle load on your body. However, such training duty not stay attempted devoid of several vital before preceding expertise of the kinds of exercises and the proper techniques to apply the leisure center equipment and gratis weights. Be supposed to you decide to turn into vital bodybuilding before import lifting, you are advised to articulate with a qualified fitness instructor before by the side of smallest amount read up new approximately how to operate with the leisure center equipment and weights safely.

Muscles would grow no more than as soon as stressed to its break-point. In the field of other expressions, you need to stress your muscles by training them arduous to their highest strength threshold before by the side of smallest amount nearly nearby. This would force your muscles to expansion strength and in the field of the process grow. Single golden tip to expansion muscle load and import fast is to focus on strength in advance. This is imperative as muscle growth would track strength expansion. Operate on the superior muscle groups, and make exercises such in the role of dull lifts, chin ups, bench press and squats.

However, a word of caution at this point is not to stay hasty. Hang shown your training concluded the week to undertake your muscles point to recover from the strain. Proper pacing would attain better results in the field of the extensive run. Become skilled at new from my blog approximately how you can attain import expansion and expansion muscle load fast even if you are skinny and retain futile in the field of all kinds of keep fit routines and import expansion diets.

This article may possibly stay to all comers reprinted before thin in the field of its entirety in the field of several ezine, newsletter, blog before website. The author’s fame, bio and website relations duty hang about intact and stay incorporated with each reproduction.

—> Visit Methods that Navy SEALS (latest version)

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best eyeliner in drugstore

June 30, 2015 | by admin | category Weight Loss

About The New Popularity Of Classical Eye (map) – Eye Shadow, Eyeliner, Eye Makeup – Beauty Salon
Neoclassical emphasis on dark and light eye makeup eye shadow contrast and highlight color and shiny texture of smoke in the sunlight and shade, the upgrading of women elegance.

Luxury large golden blooming Neoclassical luxury look, is beautiful and noble in a little more modern look. Therefore, Eye Makeup , The gold is the season as well as a key element in the next few quarters. First with a low-key classic khaki for the eye primer, and then blooming large gold to build a sense of luxury eye. In particular, reminded that in the past gold style eye makeup emphasis on small area of the eye-catching, while the neo-classical Golden Eye, blooming through the large area to emphasize the low-key and luxury gold.

With tips: Honey brown lip gloss eye makeup can be more luxurious gold with classic noble.

Glamorous and irresistible lavender color Not think that classical girl warm water are, in fact, as long as choosing the right color, you can still create a glamorous and noble qualities. With a lavender color for the eye primer, with particular attention to the lower lid, this is the key to the integrity of the eye makeup. In fact, the lavender color is the hottest eye shadow colors present, even if also the color alone. However, to be glamorous and feeling, but also with deep blue.

Two colors are coordinated, even during the day and will not appear exaggerated.
With tips: Recommended to choose lavender color foundation, can have a fresh sense of transparency, and eye makeup echoes.

Charming light-colored primer dark contrast The largest neo-classical charm lies in that it can fully reflect the charming eyes. The same with light-colored eye shadow primer, painted with olive green eyes below??? This is the essential eye shadow colors, it can make your eyes look more deep and has a feminine, especially for wheat color skin beauty. Meanwhile, silver, pink or silver at the inner corners of the pink dotted with ornate and lovely impression. The essence of this eye makeup, choose colors with contrasting personalities.

With tips: Long black eye lashes is to improve the taste of a woman the key.

Professional pointing Painting eye shadow extends as far as possible to the end of eye Office

Q: Eye of the characteristics of neo-classical what?
A: If that is the noble and elegant classical, then the neo-classical, the more a character and charm, mainly in color and elegant classical Pearl Flickering texture pavilions, to charm women mature into full play.

Q: color choice in the neoclassical What are the key elements?
A: strong neoclassical Eye Color mixing Color contrast, so light-colored eye shadow and dark eye shadow to match is the key element, light-colored eye shadow, including light pink, orange, light purple, but there must be a sense of pearl, dark olive green eye shadow, dark blue and gold is the new classical choice.

Q: What should also pay attention to the details of it?

A: neo-classical feeling stressed slim, so try to draw attention to end of eye shadow when the extension office, a kind of elongated shape of the eye feeling, which is very crucial. In addition, the lower lid of eye shadow eye shadow with the overall coordination, and some girls under the eyelid color easy to worry about dirty makeup, you can choose the new eye shadow pen, this problem does not occur.

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