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xenadrine weight loss pills

November 25, 2014 | by admin | category Weight Loss

PHOTOS Phaedra Parks signs on as Xenadrine diet pill spokesperson
It seems The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Phaedra Parks needs a little more than her Donkey Booty Workout DVD to help regain her pre-pregnancy figure after giving birth to her second son, Dylan, last May, because the Atlanta attorney has just been …

best diet pills celebrity

November 25, 2014 | by admin | category Weight Loss

Bradley Cooper gained 40 pounds for American Sniper on 8000-calorie Paleo diet
Other celebrity Paleo fans include Tim McGraw, who lost 40 pounds with the low carb diet and CrossFit workouts and Joe Manganiello, who maintains his rippling eight-pack abs with low carb Paleo and CrossFit, according to Celebrity Health. A recent …

What Does It Mean When You Lose Weight Rapidly

November 25, 2014 | by admin | category Weight Loss

What Does It Mean To Be A Green Parent
That which was considered once a hippy thing has now become a hip activity – being green. But what does being green suggest and do you really believe your efforts might help save the planet. Being earth-friendly means you do something to help save the earth’s resources, and yes if we would all simply do something we would see big effects. But being a green parent means something very different. While we do wish to conserve resources and leave a healthy planet for the children, being a green parent means safeguarding your child from harmful chemicals.

Annually we understand and find out far more things as a human race. It was an excellent day when researchers established that dark chocolate is actually good for you. In the past several years we have found that we now have many everyday items in our house that create toxins in our home. Adults usually are not troubled by these types of chemicals, however they could be very dangerous for infants. Being a green parent these days means safeguarding your child from harmful toxins in your house. By simply making a good choices you can make your new baby’s world far healthier and safer for them. Here are some green tips for new parents.

The four walls of the nursery is a place where you can make a significant difference. An ordinary paint can create smog when sunshine hits it, so use a low VOC paint. The low VOC paints are readily available on the market these days.

You are aware how dangerous lead paint is, so if you are buying vintage furniture ensure that you get rid of all the paint. Lead paint was banned in 1977, but you can’t be sure what someone has painted items with. Buying and refinishing vintage furniture continues to be more reliable then buying pieces made from medium density fiberboard. Asthma causing formaldehyde is off-gassed from this type of fiberboard. If you’re refinishing pieces make sure that you allow them to have sufficient time to air out. Look for a place where they are able to get fresh air without being in the outdoors.

Babies spend a lot amount of time in their cribs. Their face lying directly on the crib mattress, this is why it is important to by an organic mattress made from material without any chemicals. If you buy a non-organic mattress, allow it air out, give it some fresh air, but not completely outside.

The great baby diaper controversy has been raging for years. Disposable diapers fill the landfills, but fabric diapers require energy and water to wash. Well let us put the environment aside and take into consideration your babys bottom and skin. The cloth diaper is better for babys gentle skin. Furthermore disposable diapers do have off-gassing. One downside to cloth diapers is you need to empty the mess in to a toilet before you launder them. This is where the hybrid diaper brings together the best of both worlds. You can find cloth diapers with 100% bio-degradable inserts that can be flushed or thrown away.

A lot of new moms are fanatical about keeping the house and babys room clean. Cleaning is an effective thing, but what you clean with may not. Once you clean a room; walk out then walk back in do you smell the chemical cleaners? If so that’s not a good thing, those chemicals can get into your babys lungs. There are many green cleaners on the market today. They are far better for the environment and better for your health. Sometime chemicals are not even needed. Considering the steam appliances that you can buy it is possible to steam clean your home, eliminating dirt, grim and germs without any chemicals.

For the greatest handpicked a baby gifts shop at They’ve got the best variety of baby bibs If you’ve a baby event they’ve the ideal gift.

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How Do I Get Cash Off My Ebt Card

November 25, 2014 | by admin | category Weight Loss

How do I Deal With My Anger Over Being Dumped?

My girlfriend dumped me. She just left me out of the blue. She says it’s not someone else. She says it’s her and not me that’s the problem. The problem is that now I’m just so full of anger because she dumped me. I don’t like feeling so angry all the time. How do I deal with my anger over being dumped?

Find a Great Punching Bag

Anger is one emotion that is more destructive than any other when not properly channeled. The key in dealing with your anger over being dumped involves finding positive ways to channel that anger. Boxing is not a good idea. You don’t want to spar with other people while angry. But punching bags, on the other hand are a great way to work off that excess anger and work through the feelings of hurt and betrayal you may be experiencing as well.

The other benefit of punching bags is that while you’re working off that extra anger you’re getting in great shape too. You’ll look better, feel better, and no longer be carrying around the excess baggage of anger in your heart and mind and those extra pounds in your mid-section. It’s a good way to deal with a bad problem.

Put it in Writing

Another great thing you can do, one that many men are oddly reluctant to do, is write it all down. Most men aren’t good at writing about their emotions. But when you do this the right way it can be rather cathartic.

The really cool thing about writing it all out is that you can burn the paper after writing it all down. As the flames die out, so does your anger. This is a technique that many counselors have used over the years to help people deal with painful and even harmful emotions. There’s something about watching the anger go up in flames like that, that actually helps many people find healing.

Get Your Girlfriend Back

No, this isn’t about getting back at your girlfriend. This is about getting her back in your life for good. When you take the time to focus your emotions on something positive like ending your pain once and for all you’ll be much better prepared to deal with your anger when it crops up unexpectedly.

Making plans is a surprising way to eliminate the anger that would otherwise spill over into all areas of your life. It’s a way to channel that energy for something positive and to end the reason you’re feeling all that anger once and for all.

You don’t have to get your ex back in order to deal with the anger but if you still love your ex girlfriend it’s certainly an option to consider. Of course you’ll need a proper plan of action to make that happen. Follow these step by step instructions -> and see just how quickly she’ll be eating out of your hands again.

best laptop in 2013

November 25, 2014 | by admin | category Weight Loss

If you’re in the market for a new laptop, here are CNET Editors’ Top 5 choices right now.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Can U Buy Protein Powder With Food Stamps

November 25, 2014 | by admin | category Weight Loss

Naturally Grow Your Hair With Protein

It can be easy to simply turn to the many different chemically enhanced products on the market today to help increase the rate your hair grows but it is not often the safest route to take. Protein is a natural vitamin which can be found not only through supplementation but through the foods we eat as well.

Since your hair is essentially a protein itself, when you consume a regularly low in protein diet, this may not only create irregular hair growth but stunted growth as well. With this being stated, the opposite is therefore true. When you choose to consume a rich in protein diet your hair will not only grow at a faster rate but it will be healthier overall as well.

Protein is composed of the essential amino acids which are required in order for new cells to build and this includes in your hair as well as the rest of your body. Some of the foods you will want to begin including in your regular diet include lean meats, fish, poultry, dairy products, soy, nuts and grains. By choosing to eat just one of these foods per day can help boost your protein levels and therefore help the growth of your hair.

It can be hard to believe just how much your diet has to do with your hair growth or lack there of but nutrition plays a large role in every aspect of our lives. You will find today there are many protein hair treatments on the market as well to help boost your hair growth and the overall health of your hair. Don’t be mistaken to think you have to have the ability to grow hair in order to utilize the natural healing powers of protein; it can work for everyone. If you have found a pattern of losing your hair, visit your physician and find out exactly what your protein levels are, perhaps this is the major problem, not your genes.

At your local general retailer you may find not only shampoos and conditioners claiming to be protein treatments but also gels, creams and mousses; all with the same goals. Although these treatments and products do have their advantages it is always best to either start with natural protein through diet and then combine it with these products or simply go all natural and see where it takes you. For some, diet may be enough to see results where for others, it may take a combination of natural and chemical.

Don’t let marketing and advertising make you think if you are going bald there is nothing you can do. Your hair is based on protein and therefore consuming the proper amounts through diet and proper supplementation may be enough to change your hair growth dramatically.

Janice Johnson’s Curly Hair Guide is a hair staple for offering information on growing longer, healthier hair. Learn how to foster more hair growth naturally using easy comprehensive tips and tools visiting

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green coffee weight loss pills

November 25, 2014 | by admin | category Weight Loss

KLM moves passengers to tears with surprise greetings from loved ones
Restaurant delivery service GrubHub Inc. took a look at what people order on Thanksgiving, to reveal which restaurant dishes people are buying to supplement their home-cooked feasts. In a word: stuffing. Stuffing orders are thirteen times … There's …

Michael Browns Stepfather Tells Crowd, Burn This Bitch Down
Where Brown's father had called for peaceful protest in the days leading up to the decision, his stepfather, the man in green and white who eventually steps into the frame, clearly does not. He leads the calls for …. The loss of his life, and all the …
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How Many Calories Per Day For Weight Loss

November 25, 2014 | by admin | category Weight Loss

Calculating Food Calories

Calculating Food Calories
Protein 4 Calories Per Gram
Carbohydrate 4 Calories Per Gram
Fat 9 Calories Per Gram
Ok so now we know how many calories we need to eat to either gain or lose weight but how do we know how many calories are in the foods that we eat? Obviously we are going to need to know this in order to track our total daily calorie consumption. Let’s take a minute to examine the small chart located just above this paragraph. It’s actually rather simple, protein contains 4 calories per gram, carbohydrates also contain 4 calories per gram, and fat contains a whopping 9 calories per gram. Using this valuable, basic information we can now calculate the number of calories in any food item as long as the amount of protein, carbohydrate, and fat are all known.

Of course not many people are going to want to spend the time to calculate manually how many calories are in each piece of food they put into their mouths. Fortunately, a lot of the work has already been done for us. I’m sure everyone reading this article is at least vaguely familiar with the nutrition labels that are required on all food products sold in the United States. At the very least you will find: protein grams, total carbohydrate grams, sugar grams, fat grams, and total calories on these labels. Everything we need to know in order to calculate our total calorie consumption; protein, fat & sugar intake, is right there on the label.

Below you can see an item that I pulled from The website is great. It has calorie, protein, carbohydrate, and fat gram information on 1000 typical food items arranged in an easy to use table.

I have gone to the trouble of explaining much of this information fully aware of the fact that it is not absolutely necessary to know all of this background information to succeed at gaining weight, losing weight, or improving overall fitness. However, over time I have discovered that the better I understand how protein, different types of carbohydrates, and fats affect my body, the easier it has become for me to use food as more than just a way to replenish my depleted muscles and satisfy hunger. Used in the right ratios and consumed at the right times proteins and carbohydrates can be used together as a very powerful anabolic performance aid. I encourage anyone who is reading this article to go out there and do more research. These brief articles only scratch the surface on explaining the role of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in metabolism, recovery, and muscle repair.

Knowing the total number of calories needed to gain or lose weight is only one part of the nutrition puzzle, so to speak. Equally important is the ratio of protein to carbohydrate, carbohydrate to fat and vice versa. Consuming an adequate amount of protein is absolutely essential to building and repairing muscle. So how much is the right amount?

Opinion on this topic varies a bit but the consensus is that between 1 and 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight is ideal. My personal experience is that I respond positively and continue to add solid muscle weight until I finally plateau at nearly 2 grams of protein to each pound of body weight. Weighing about 240 pounds, means that I would need to consume almost 500 grams of protein everyday and have a total caloric intake at around 4000 daily.

Consuming 400 to 500 grams of protein everyday can be hard to stomach, literally and quite expensive as well. I would recommend starting at 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight for the first few weeks then gradually increasing to a peak of 1.5 grams per pound of body weight. If at this point you are still experiencing muscular gain then gradually increase protein intake by adding 20-30 grams more each day until you reach a maximum of 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight.

Once again I must point out that many factors beyond our control, like genetics, age and health issues can either slow or limit this approaches effectiveness.

Let’s say that you weigh 180 pounds and that you have calculated your ‘maintenance caloric need’ to be 2200 calories and you would like to put on 10 pounds of new muscle by attempting to gain 1 pound of bodyweight a week. Your goal then would be to consume a total of 2700 (2200+500) calories a day, every day, to hit the magic number: 3500 additional calories for the week, to gain one pound.

At a current bodyweight of 180 lbs you should be consuming 180 x 1.5 = 270 grams of protein everyday to ensure proper muscle recovery. Knowing that every gram of protein has 4 calories and that you need to consume 270 grams of protein you can now figure out how many calories you will be consuming from the protein alone 270×4 = 1080 calories. Ok so now you can take the 1080 away from the total calorie daily goal of 2700 – 1080 = 1620 calories still need to be consumed from carbohydrates and fats.

Fat consumption should be about 20% of total caloric goal: 2700 x 20% = 540 calories need to come from fat. So divide 540 / 9 = 60 grams of fat (remember fat has 9 calories per gram). Ok so now we take our goal caloric goal 2700. Subtract 1080 for protein and 540 for fat: 2700 – 1080 = 1620 – 540 = 1080.

So that leaves 1080 remaining calories that have to be consumed from carbohydrate, 1080 / 4 = 270 grams of carbohydrate, preferably from good high quality complex long chain variety.
So we end up with:
Protein (Grams x 4) 270 x 4 = 1080
Carbs (Grams x 4) 270 x 4 = 1080
Fat (Grams x 9) 60 x 9 = 540
2700 Daily Caloric Goal

San Antonio Personal Trainer
San Antonio Personal Training

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really cheap weight loss pills

November 25, 2014 | by admin | category Weight Loss

Article Link:
“Americans eat and drink about one-third of their calories away from home, and people today expect clear information about the products they consume,” says FDA Commissioner Margaret A. Hamburg, MD. “Making calorie information available on chain …
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List Of Things You Can Buy With Food Stamps

November 25, 2014 | by admin | category Weight Loss

The List Of Things You Should NOT Do With Your Table Tents

While you do have a lot of freedom when it comes to creating table tents, there are still a few things you should definitely not do. In most cases, it is good to learn from the experts about this. They already made these creative mistakes with their table tent cards. So let me start enlightening you and some of the major creative steps that you should definitely NOT do with your table tents. Let me list down five of the major ones below experts would want you to know.

•  Making them in black and white – Firstly, and very crucially, you should never ever print your table tents in black and white. I know that this may look like a cheap and easy way to print your table tents, but the truth is, it is a waste of money. Table tents are supposed to be printed always in full color so that the food, drinks or other products and services printed in them can be easily and powerfully advertised. Without that color you can never really convince people that your products are as good as you are telling them to be. They need to see it in color for them to start believe. So never make those table tent cards in black and white.

•  Making them big – Another thing that you should avoid when making your colored table tents is to make them big. Size may matter in many types of printed promotions, but in terms of custom table tents, you need to take into account the size table that those prints will be placed in. You will not want to print table tents that occupy 1/4th of the available space. Your customers will have a hard time eating or drinking. So while bigger is better, for table tents, this is not so. Never make them too big.

•  Making them move – Another big mistake that experts have already tried and failed at are moving table tents. While the idea of a moving or even electronic table tent promoting products may sound promising, it is actually just more of a distraction for people eating or drinking. In fact, these moving table tents might cause little accents at the table that no one really like. So try to resist the temptation to use moving table tents. Table tent cards and simple paper table tents are often enough to do the job, you just need to design them to be more noticeable.

•  Making them fixed – Now, while moving table tents are a no-no, printing color table tents that absolutely can be changed or configured is also a big mistake.  By making simple fixed table tents, you basically fix yourself with one type of promotional table tent material after another.

The best way to really make your table tents more useful is to make them variable. For example, you can make flip over table tents which you can change easily depending on the time. You can feature the right products in the morning, and then change them at night to feature products that are more popular at night time. This gives you a lot more options in marketing through your table tents, making the all the more worth it to print.

So never just print fixed printed table tents. Try to print the ones that can easily be customized such as those table tent cards, or those flip over, two sided table tents.

•  Making them cheaply – Finally, never print your color table tents cheaply. Cheap table tents are often made of cheap and easily damaged material. This means that those cheap style table tents will more likely to be easily damaged, making them look haggard and unappealing. You will never be able to sell things effectively like this. That is why it is best to spend decently in table tent printing to help them do their work well.

So those are the things that you should not do with your table tents. The experts have already tried these and learned from these mistakes. Make sure that you learn from these items too.

For more information and inquiries about the article feel free to visit Table Tents and Table Tent Cards

John Ray Daniels is a specialist of brochure printing and is also a web designer. He is knowledgeable in printing and continues to support the developments in the field to help out companies in their business marketing needs

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