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How Many Protein Shakes A Day To Lose Weight

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Grab your free fat loss workout at How many carbs per day to lose weight? Well the answer is not that simple. You see it all…

Does Whey Protein Make You Gain Muscle Mass

August 31, 2014 | by admin | category Weight Loss

How to Gain Muscle Mass Fast

So you have signed up on a gym membership and have been working out regularly in your quest to be more muscular. Weeks and months have gone by and you have not seen much muscle gain. Why is that so? How can you gain muscle mass faster?

Well, you are not alone. This is because there plenty of science and hard work involved if you really want to build muscle mass like those of bodybuilders. However, I understand that most guys will not want to get that big and so, your it will be much easier if you just want muscles big enough for you to go shirtless at the beach or at the public swimming pool to impress girls.

So here are two surefire ways for you get impressive muscle gain real fast!

Muscle mass workouts – There are two exercises you must do to pack on impressive muscle mass and they are The Squat and Deadlift. These are two powerful exercises that can build impressive muscle mass all over your body.

Strangely, most people in the gym are not doing these excercises. Somehow people tend to favor puny exercises like dumbbell bicep curls and dumbbell triceps kickbacks. This is the reason why most of them don’t gain the muscle size that they want because they are not doing mass builders like the Squat and Deadlift.

The mere fact that each of these two exercises work out about 75% of your entire body speaks volumes about its effectiveness as a mass muscle builder. On top of that, because so many body parts are being worked out at the same time, you will be lifting heavier weights with greater intensity which is the basis for muscular development. This will also force your body to release more of your natural human growth hormone and testosterone which are important hormones for muscle building and tissue repairs. The result from the hormonal increase will result in bigger muscles all over your body.

The Deadlift and Squats are classified under the category of compound exercises. Compound exercises are workouts with movements on two or more joints. The more joints that are involved in an exercise, the more muscle fibers and body parts are involved. This means that you are working on many muscle groups simultaneously.

If you ever hope to get gain bigger muscles all over your body, then compound exercises are mandatory. There are no two ways about it. So your workouts must include compound exercises like deadlifts, squats, bench presses, barbell rows, pull ups, chin ups, military presses and dips. If you are only doing isolation exercises like bicep curls and triceps kickbacks, then your muscle gain will be very slow and tedious and that is if they ever grow in the first place.

Forty Five Minute Workout – If you are working out with compound exercises with enough intensity, you would have worked out your entire body within 45 minutes. Then it is time for you to get out of the gym, take a quick shower, wolf down your protein shake and consume a well balanced meal to feed your muscles.

Another reason for leaving the gym within 45 minutes is because with the intensity and toll compound exercises exert on your body, it is under tremendous stress. When under stress, your body will produce a hormone called cortisol. This hormone can suppress your testosterone production and cause your body to store body fat.

So if you want to gain muscle mass fast, do add the squat and deadlift into your bodybuilding program. Then workout with compound exercises and remember to have rest days in between for your body to recuperate and grow.

Chris Chew is a fitness and health consultant. If you want to build bigger muscles quickly, then you must read How to build muscle and Build muscle fast

best diet pills heb

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best restaurants in boston

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Lounging in the Best Boston Restaurants

Straight-back chairs and small circle tables are nice, but let’s face it sometimes you just want to lounge around. I am about to give you all my secret tips for Lounging in the Best Boston Restaurants. Use this for the nights when you just want to lay back with a good drink and not worry about your posture.

To start, the seating is critical. I am a huge fan of couches. I do not mean the ornate sofas with the spiral wooden handles and metal studs; I mean the big couches covered in soft leather that swallow me up and make me feel like I could live in that couch. I am much more partial to leather for two reasons: one you do not have to feel bad when you accidentally spill your drink or maybe lose a couple drops at a funny joke and two, pure sanitation. I am not a germ freak by any means but it just makes good sense. Leather can be wiped clean with some Clorox wipes; you can’t say the same for fabric. Couches also help to set the mood. This can make people feel comfortable and relaxed. When I’m in a nice restaurant, comfy couches go a long way.

Lighting also plays a huge role in a great lounging experience. Lounges tend to make me feel sophisticated and just cool all around. There is something very “grown-up” about casually sipping on drinks with friends or maybe mysterious strangers in a dark corner, on unconventional seating that is just plain awesome. The “dark” part is key. You can’t be cool in a bright or adequately light room. It needs to be dim; this adds to the mysteriousness of it and also makes everyone around look better looking, which benefits everyone. The cool look of the Best Boston Restaurants is generally achieved through funky, antique lamps or maybe some unique hanging pendants. Lighting also is helpful if this lounge is part of a cigar shop or smoke shop. Whether you smoke yourself or absolutely detest it no one can deny that smoke looks sick when it curls through the air and hits the light. And once again it adds to the “cool” and mysterious aspect of the lounge.

Once you have the perfect leather couches and chairs accompanied with some retro lighting all you need to do is add some sort of table. I suggest old steamer trunks or anything that was not meant to be used as a table but can be. It is details like this that make a lounge unique and make you want to go back and take your friends there. A cool spot is also great for when your out-of-town friends are visiting.

Lounging in the Best Boston Restaurants can be a fun and memorable time if you do it right. If you look for these three key aspects of leather furniture, dim lighting, and random tables you can discover a special place that makes you feel hip and cool. So be on the lookout while wandering around Boston.

Paul Marino has been writing about the restaurant industry for over 20 years. He recommends FiRE and iCE as one of the Best Boston Restaurants for a unique and memorable dining experience.


Dave Andelman has an uncanny ability to name the best restaurant in just about any New England town. Check out Dave’s picks in Scituate, Bedford NH, Milton, …

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Simple Diet To Lose Weight In A Week

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Lose Weight in a Week – Quick Helpful Tips to Lose Weight

In order to lose weight in a week, you need a weight loss diet that boosts your metabolism to burn more calories, in a quicker amount of time. Many people will go on a fad or starvation diet to lose weight in a week, but this sends the body into starvation mode, which causes the metabolism to go into calorie-storing mode.

Quick Helpful Tips to Lose Weight In a Week:

There are many helpful weight loss steps, tips, tricks, secrets, guides and information websites about how to lose weight in a week, but there are a few basic tips you need to follow for weight loss. Starvation or juice diets are not well balanced and your metabolism will move slower to save energy. If you want to lose weight in a week, you have to boost the metabolism, instead. Have you ever noticed how your weight plateaus after two to three days on a diet?

To avoid this switch in the metabolism, you have to eat fat-burning foods, at regular intervals to avoid hunger feelings and keep the metabolism from going into starvation mode. To lose weight in a week, you need to eat calorie and portion controlled meals, five times a day instead of eating three larger ones.

Most diets advise eating your largest meal in the morning to get the metabolism revved and then drink plenty of water and eat mid-morning and afternoon snacks to keep it burning calories and keep your stomach full. By selecting foods you like to eat, it is easy to lose weight, if you have a diet plan menu that utilizes calorie shifting.

Part of losing weight and keeping the metabolism at its peak is to “fool” the metabolism into releasing fat burning hormones, instead of fat storing ones. The quickest way to do this is to eat nutritious foods that are low calorie. The most important tip weight loss tip is to take in fewer calories than you burn. How you do this is the important part, to avoid the plateau which occurs a couple days into a diet. This is where calorie shifting comes in.

You can eat the foods you like, but alternate when you eat them. If you starve the metabolism of carbohydrates for a couple days, then you need to add them to avoid plateau, for example. Once the metabolism thinks it will receive additional sugar or carbohydrates for fat storing, it will continue to burn calories efficiently.

Of course, all diets recommend exercise to speed up the metabolism to lose weight quickly. Some people don’t like to exercise, but even walking 30 minutes a day will burn a couple hundred calories and boost the metabolism.

Most people don’t know how to come up with a diet menu that will utilize the foods they like and eat everyday in order to achieve weight loss. There are programs on the Internet that can help you lose weight quickly by inputting your favorite foods and it will supply the meal plans for you. There is no need to buy special meals or get into a strenuous exercise program. This is the quickest way to lose weight in a week and enjoy a healthy and nutritious meal plan, very affordably.

If you’re looking to achieve the same success with fat and weight loss that lots of others have seen, Fat Loss 4 Idiots is the single most valuable quick fat loss diet tool for this purpose.

How Much Money Can You Make And Get Food Stamps

August 31, 2014 | by admin | category Weight Loss

How Can I Make Money
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Our desire is to have One Million people benefiting from our club within 5 years and for you to become financially free within 2 years.  This automatically happens as your spirit of generosity spreads throughout the world.

Rupees Club desires to help people from all over the world become free from financial bondage and to give them the means to support their family and friends forevermore.  This is an amazing task and we need dedicated individuals from all walks of life who are willing to accept this cause into their hearts and help give others the gift of freedom.

As a member of you have access to a variety of Programs, Products and Services that make everything easier for you. Whether you want to educate yourself to get a better job, learn something new to improve your station in life, support your family and friends financially, start a new business, save money by shopping at great discounts, travel the world – no matter what you are looking for – it’s all here at your fingertips!

The Exclusive Tools listed here are brought to you directly by others link to third party vendors who have partnered with us. We are very selective in our partner choices; we work only with the best and most experienced companies that have an excellent reputation and are known for their integrity and highest customer service values.

We want nothing but the BEST for you and bring you only programs, products and services from companies that we are proud to have these programs with us.


weight loss pills review

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Some weight loss supplements commonly used in 2012
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voted best weight loss pill

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Ruben Rosario: This is the State Fair! I'm having fun! (Please rescue me, and
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When Will My Food Stamps Be On My Ebt Card

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My Favorite 7 Philadelphia Restaurants

I’ve tremendously enjoyed living and dining in Philadelphia, and I love the variety of food on offer in this city. Authentic cuisine from cultures across the world, Jewish, Latin, Mexican, American, Caribbean, Turkish, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and Indian are available in abundance. Earlier I’ve reviewed Philadelphia restaurants from the viewpoint of cuisine, ambience, services, and other factors, but the following is a list of Philadelphia restaurants I like the most.

The seven restaurants listed below may not be the best Philadelphia restaurants, but they are surely the ones I like the best.

Ristorante Panorama

You cannot get better service in any other restaurant in Philadelphia. Its formal dining area will please everyone, and its wine bar would satisfy even the most demanding critics. My liking for classical Italian cuisines developed when a friend of mine brought me to this restaurant. Since then, I’ve spent many entertaining evenings sampling wines and consuming Chef Rosario Romano’s delicious dishes.

Zinc Cafe
This is a small place, and many of you might not even have heard of it. It’s placed on a small street and is the perfect haven for vegetarians looking to spend a comfortable evening out. The décor is cozy and inviting and the service is perfect. It’s a small place with a large number of patrons; make sure that you have a reservation; it will quite possibly be full!

Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille

I don’t particularly mind vegetarian or vegan restaurants that make food with taste similar to non-vegetarian food, but I like this place particularly because it is one of the few places in the city that serves food for natural vegetarians. The fun part is that the restaurants exterior is not that attractive, and when you enter you will be quite surprised at the tastefully decorated wall and tastefully perfectly-presented food.

Butcher and Singer

Typical among Philadelphia restaurants, this place is the best for steaks. The luxurious ambience, unpatrolled service and high food quality makes this my favorite place for steak in Philadelphia. Stephen Starr has created a perfectly balanced menu which blends the traditional American fare with luscious gourmet items.

New Delhi Indian Restaurant
You find a large number of restaurants of this kind in India, all of them serving fabulous foods for low prices. When you feel like having Indian food that doesn’t cost much, this is the place to go. I prefer the salads, desserts and vegetarian Indian fare in this restaurant, but its seafood is also quite amazing.

While Ristorante Panorama is a great place to eat at, it has a slightly formal air. Dolce serves traditional Italian food, but it has a modern design and dim lights that invite conversation. The food, created by Chef Alfonso Valentino, is absolutely mouth-watering and when you leave the place, you will promise yourself to come back and have some more food when there is space in your stomach!


Named after Chef Masaharu Morimoto, this one is easily the best among Japanese Philadelphia restaurants. Its interior design will leave you gaping and the gourmet Japanese dishes will satisfy your taste buds and make your and also make your stomach feel good.

GPIndia Connection is a Philadelphia Indian Community portal that provides information like Classifieds, Philadelphia Events, Community news, Philadelphia Restaurants, Directory, online Radio.

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best weight loss pills rx

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Body betrayal is the ultimate double cross
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