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July 27, 2014 | by admin | category Featured
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diet tablets that work in south africa

February 28, 2017 | by admin | category Weight Loss

Brazil Proposes FTA With India And South Africa

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva proposed the creation of a trilateral free trade agreement (FTA) between India, South Africa, and the nations of Mercosur at a reunion in Pretoria, South Africa on Oct.17th. The proposed treaty would create the largest free trade area in the world and could reduce these countries’ dependence on developed nations. It would also create a strong political and economic block that intends to use its influence to push for UN reforms and greater leverage during at World Trade Organization (WTO) talks.

The announcement came as a surprise in South America where several regional FTAs are dying of neglect. Mercosur itself has been unable to settle trade agreements within its own borders so far, nor with its proverbial neighbor the Andean Community (CAN) next door. A total free trade area between CAN and Mercosur was supposed to have occurred by 2002, tops, but worries about sensitive national markets resulted in an 80 percent FTA with the remaining protections to be phased out by 2014.

However, with the support of Brazil, it may not matter whether the rest of Mercosur comes along or not. Brazil’s population and economy dwarfs that of Argentina’s, the second largest country in the block. Brazil’s 2006 GDP was over US$ 1, 067 billion compared to Argentina’s GDP of US$ 214.3 billion. If Mercosur is unable to agree on treaty conditions as a group, Brazil could decide to go it alone, making the participation of the rest of Mercosur an added bonus, but not a necessary condition for the proposed treaty to succeed.

South African President Thabo Mbeki is expected to invite the other nations of the South African Customs Union (SACU) Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, and Namibia to join the group as well. If Lula is able to convince the rest of Mercosur and potentially all of South America, the customs union will have an enormous impact on global trade.

The treaty is not all about economics though. Brazilian President Lula and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh both commented on the political potential of the group to spur deep UN reforms, including the addition of their nations as permanent members of the UN Security Council.

“Let us join our voices to support UN reform,” said President Lula, “The issue has been debated long enough; the time has come to make decisions.” The president warned that without structural reforms the UN risks losing global credibility.

The leaders also discussed the potential for IBSA to become a voice for other developing nations of the “South” against the industrialized nations of the “north.”

“These cooperation agreements have an impact on the populations of the world’s poorest countries,” said Lula, “this will not only benefit our countries, it will benefit all of humanity.”

What the announcement means for the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) is unclear. It could be that Brazil is growing impatient with the slow progress of the new union. The issues discussed today in South Africa are the same as those discussed at the Brazilian sponsored South American Reunion of Presidents in 2000.

Brazil’s focus on changing developed nation’s farm subsidies and the international status quo has driven its interests within South America over the last decade, but with little or no progress on the regional front, Brazil seems to be seeking out more serious partners abroad.

The announcement also complicates ongoing negotiations within the region by adding complexity to an already difficult issue. CAN member countries like Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru are hesitant about FTAs with the larger Mercosur. Opening up the group to emerging global powers like India and South Africa could set the regional process back.

Whatever the case, the proposed treaty is yet another example of the changing global landscape. With just a little imagination one can picture a future world where current economic powers like the U.S. and E.U. are forced to make tough concessions on national subsidies if they want to continue tapping the reserves of developing nations. Oh, the great age of global decentralization has arrived.

Nathan Gill is the editor of Southern Affairs, an online magazine offering news and analysis of political events in South America.

Southern Affairs –

how long does a diet pill stay in system

February 28, 2017 | by admin | category Weight Loss

How Long Does It Take to Become a Radiology Technician

If you’re wondering “how long does it take to become a radiology technician,” first you must decide what your specific career goals are and what type of schooling you are interested in doing, eligible to do or able to do. Budget and personal responsibilities such as family and your current job may pay a large part in this. There are generally three educational paths to becoming a radiology technician, a job that entails preparing and positioning patients for x-rays and taking those x-rays to develop them in a dark room, which each take different amounts of time depending on the specific process used.

The fastest way to become a radiology technician is to complete a one-year certification program, but this option is only available for people who are transitioning from other medical careers into the world of radiography. If you have no previous experience in the medical field, this option is not the one for you. The most common option is the two-year associate’s degree program, after which you become certified. Commonly, community colleges as well as a variety of vocational or technical schools offer the associate’s program.

If you really want to open your career up to the most options and increase your potential to earn higher pay, the four-year bachelor’s degree program may be the preferred choice for you. You may be able to work at more prestigious facilities, enter management positions or use your degree as a springboard to begin eventually training for more advanced medical careers. Numerous state and private universities offer these kinds of programs.

The one commonality among all these programs is the certification process at the end. After you have completed your radiology training you must pass the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists certification examination in order to be eligible to work in this field. You must also go through a recertification process each year. For this you must complete 24 hours of continuing education within a two-year period.

So, the length of time it takes to become a radiology technician depends on your previous experience, the school you attend and the degree you are going after.

Browse to find out top radiology technician schools and best radiology training programs to become a successful radiology technician. Choose best radiology school for you and start your path to a rewarding career.

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best buy in canada

February 28, 2017 | by admin | category Weight Loss

Top 10 Reasons for Migrating to Canada

It is an undeniable fact that almost everyone strives and yearns for a better life. Be it financially, socially or even the way we live our lives. As humans we never seem to be content with what we have. It is like changing a car or a mobile phone. For a matter of fact; we change as the environment around us changes and so does our needs and wants.

And so, people are migrating to different parts of the world hoping for a better life. At the end of this article, you will probably be convinced that Canada is a great place to live in, and who knows you might even consider migrating.

Canada is known to be one of the best places to live. It is known to be among the very first countries to have actually introduced immigration. The United Nation has rated Canada as the best place to live in, every year since 1994. It has the highest standard of living.

Looking at the economy, it is booming and fast growing in various aspects.   Being one of the richest countries in the world, what is more to be expected of?  Having said so, it offers unlimited potential and opportunities in terms of investments and businesses. The immense amount of natural resources and minerals offers strong emotional and personal security, especially to migrants.

Living in Canada ultimately defines as living a good life. The clean environment and living is said to have boost a humans’ life expectancy to an average of 76.5 years. Living a clean life includes a corruption free environment and the least polluted country in the world.

In Canada, taxes are low and are consistently decreasing. The inflation rate of 2.3 % makes a resilient economy. Canadians get to keep more of their personal income each year. As for the job opportunities, it increases about 6.8% every year. The unemployment rate is the lowest since 1976. The average income per year for an individual is about $ 40,000. Hundreds and thousands of jobs are created every year.

As for the business industry, there are unlimited opportunities for development which exists in various sectors such as manufacturing, construction, import/export, commerce, technology and service industries.

The quality of education is definitely one of the best criteria in Canada. Free primary and secondary education is offered to all. What more the government even subsidizes post – secondary studies.  The government spends more in education than any industrialized nation. Universities and colleges have a strong international reputation and are of high quality.

The health and welfare of the people in Canada is well taken care of. Everyone has access to social assistance programs. The affordable housing prices are yet another reason for many to migrate and invest in Canada. The strong government which helps its people even offers FREE healthcare.

Canada is also known for its low crime rates which are among the lowest in the world and are still declining. Strict gun control laws and a fair justice system may just be one of the many reasons to low crime rates.

Finally, Canada encourages immigrants to retain their unique culture. This creates a diversity of cultures existing together in a tolerant and peaceful society. If you are seeking for a better life and are considering migrating, why not include Canada as one of your choices. If it sounds too good to be true, you will have to witness and experience it for yourself. Feel at home, in Canada.



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best korean drama in 2011

February 28, 2017 | by admin | category Weight Loss

Rising Popularity Of Korean Auto Parts For Local And International Brands
The surging popularity of Korean auto parts has catapulted the Korean auto industry to new heights. Through the years, Korea has emerged as one of the most advanced automobiles manufacturing nations in the world with respect to technology, design, and, most importantly, performance. It boasts of several in-house brands which have made a mark, both locally and internationally.

The Evolution Process

The evolution process of Korean auto parts and the automobile industry has been quite promising. Korea was initially just a place where auto parts were imported from Japan and the United States for assembling. The term “Korean auto parts” did not exist at all. It all started in the year 1955, when the first Korea-made engine was set up in a modified US jeep and took the shape of the first official Korean car.

Today Korean car parts and locally manufactured cars are popular brand names across the globe. The “Automobile Industry Promotion Policy” has prohibited foreign players from entering and operating in the Korean markets. This has provided ample opportunity to the Korean auto industry to spread its wings, without having to compete with the international players in the domestic markets. As a result, other companies which were involved in diverse businesses have entered the automobile field in search of profits.

Hyundai Pony was the first automobile to be fully developed in Korea, way back in the year 1975. It was also the first Korean car to be exported in the year 1976. By far, Hyundai is the most popular brand of Korean cars in the international automobile space. Today, Korea ranks fifth in terms of automobile production volumes and sixth in terms of volume of exports. The success of Korean auto parts, which have been responsible for creating world-class vehicles, is a well-established fact.

International Acclaim

Korean auto parts manufacturers have captured the fancies of international car manufacturers as well. Established auto giants like Volkswagen and General Motors have shown active interest in doing business with Korean manufacturers, for their upcoming models. This has paved the way for export fairs to be held with a handful of such prominent names that have shown the eagerness to get associated with auto components manufactured in Korea.

Even a country that is extremely obsessed with quality such as Japan has shown interest in importing automotive parts from Korea. Japanese are famous for being extremely particular about what they use in their products. The very fact that they are looking to get associated with Korean counterparts is a valid certification of the quality of automobile parts manufactured in Korea.

Therefore, Korean car parts have emerged as suitable alternatives for global car makers, which have helped them to achieve what they aspire, in terms of quality. An automobile mechanic in Korea is relentlessly striving to improve on quality as well as technology in order to maintain the goodwill Korea-manufactured auto components enjoy.

If you are looking for genuine Korean auto parts at discounted prices which are substantially lower than what dealers offer, visit this link. You are sure to get some great deal for auto parts here.

best pc games in pc

February 28, 2017 | by admin | category Weight Loss

Getting the Perfect Speaker Setup On Your PC

In order to get the best sound experience with music, movies and PC gaming, you will need to add computer subwoofers as well as speakers to your PC system. Speakers (satellite speakers) and Subwoofers are two of the major components of any speaker sound system. The computer subwoofer (s well as the computer subwoofer speaker) can add quality bass to any PC sound you might have, while the computer speaker can simplify all the sounds made by your PC.

If you will be buying on a strict budget, you might want to look for the 2.1 sound-set that comes with a subwoofer and two speakers, but the 5.1 surround sound system might give you more if you’re looking for the booming quality. It will definitely provide you with one of the true surround sounding experiences with the PC.

The 5.1 surround sound system typically includes a five satellite speaker (which comes with a center, left, right and another left ,right speaker) and a subwoofer. You might also want to go for the wireless or virtual surround system if you’re looking for less speakers. The 5.1 surround system might also come in a package deal or you might have to purchase the system through individual components. The Bigger speakers tend to give you better sounds and effects, even the overall quality will be better. You can also move the subwoofer a bit closer to the front speakers so this can provide you with a more smooth base.

The 10″ computer subwoofer will be ideal for use and will also be easy to hang or place around your room. Some of the 10 inch subwoofer brands on the market include the JBL ES150PBK 300 Watt Powered 10 inch Subwoofer, or the Polk Audio PSW10 10 Inch Monitor Series Powered Subwoofer.

Any type of computer subwoofer could add some rich bass tone to your sounds. With the addition of a few speakers, you can create an amazing atmosphere, just like in a theater.

Hi, my name is Robert Turner. You can read more of my articles at my site

best love

February 28, 2017 | by admin | category Weight Loss

Where to Find Love Poems

Love poems have been one of the oldest ways of expressing one’s feelings of affections for one another. If you are looking for one to help you express your feelings, here are some places where you can find them.


The Internet is a great place to look for poems of all sorts, including love poems. You can find poems you have never seen before, as well as contributions by people around the world. They can be listed according to poets, popularity or even dateline. For those who are not savvy with poems, you are limited to only the search queries you input in your search engine. However, if you do know what to look for, this is a fast way to finding the poem you want. Even if there are poems quoted in movies, it is not difficult to find them in the Internet because they can be posted and updated quickly and easily.


One of the best places to look for romantic poems is from the library. As compared to the Internet, the library has many different types of books in the most complete form of poems. Unless you are very knowledgeable in poetry, this is a good place to look for poems as you will be exposed to the different poets and poetry. You can easily refer to the library’s database for poem specific books to ease your search. Going through the books from the library and then looking them up for more information on the Internet allows you to expand your search horizons.


Of course, the best love poems can be found from the heart. This is after all, where such poems were inspired from. Look at your past and present experiences of love, as well as the thoughts and feelings you feel about them, and express them in pen and paper poetically. You will find the outcome to be a poem personalized towards your true feelings.



Chris is the writer of this article , you can visit us for more information on Poems and Birthday Poems.

best novels in 2012

February 28, 2017 | by admin | category Weight Loss

Finding Free Urdu Novels to Read

“Fiction is like a spider’s web, attached ever so slightly perhaps, but still attached to life at all four corners. Often the attachment is scarcely perceptible”. -Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf is a very popular fiction writer. Her quotes on popular literature and fiction are simply the realties explained so well. For example, consider another quote on women fiction writers given below.

“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction”. Virginia Woolf

This reality could not be explained better than this. It seems that most of the female writers in India and Pakistan have money and their own rooms because Urdu language sees many women fiction writers.

Fortunately, the Urdu literature is seeing many great popular fiction writers. The Urdu popular fiction scene is very hip and happening. However, the Urdu is also not lacking either. Nevertheless, it is not as happening as the popular fiction. Of course, the reason for this is that the audience for the Urdu literature is lesser in number.

One reason that people cannot read the Urdu literature is that the books are too expensive to buy. The common person of Pakistan simply cannot afford to buy the Urdu books. The publishing houses of Pakistan have monopolized the books market and they have caused artificial inflation in the price of the books in Pakistan.

The good news is that the Urdu books and novels can be found in Pakistan absolutely free to read. There are two main ways to find free Urdu books in Pakistan. One is to get the books from libraries and the other is to read them online.

The library scene in Pakistan is very disappointing. There are too few libraries and not accessible to much of the public. Many libraries are exclusive for different groups of people. The examples of these exclusive groups of people are students, government servants, armed forces personnel, and people living in urban posh areas. However if you belong to one of those exclusive groups of people consider yourself lucky! Now you can access a variety of Urdu books free of cost. You can get them issued for days or an entire week to read comfortably.

General people who do not have access to the libraries will have to rely on the online free Urdu novels for reading them. For some people reading a novel online can be a little or too much uncomfortable. Of course, the people who are used to reading books would find it hard. Some people are not comfortable or even familiar with operating the computer at all.

Another thing that is required for reading free Urdu books and novels is the internet connection. The internet connection should be high-speed; otherwise, there will be a lot of nuisance while reading the novel. The broadband internet works fine. When one sees the excellent and exquisite collection of the Urdu novels available on the internet, may be one can overcome the discomfort of reading from the computer screen.

Asad have keen interest in Urdu poetry and Urdu literature. Asad have read many books on Urdu literature which forced him to continue studying and exploring Urdu. Feel free to contact Asad at

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best in show best in show

February 28, 2017 | by admin | category Weight Loss

Trade Show Display Graphic

Importance of trade show display graphic

Trade show display graphic plays a vital role in pulling the crowd towards your exhibition booth. However they should be made with special care as people generally divert away from their primary focus while trying to make them attractive.

Trade show display graphic and banners play an important role in attraction people towards your exhibition booth. In a trade show where there are several exhibition booths and numerous visitors everyday, great graphic displays speak more loudly than words do. Any great quote requires the full attention of a reader, whereas a mere glimpse of a graphic display might be more effective than that. The trade show graphic display for your booth should be a complete eye sizzler, if you want to draw the crowds to your stall.

Creating an effective tradeshow graphic display is of utmost importance and therefore definite care should be given to the graphic displays. With the advancement of modern technology, making graphic displays have become extremely easy. You can in fact make your own graphic display with the help of various soft wares available for this purpose. However, it is very easy to get carried away by the technological advancements and loose the sight of your primary objective. You should ensure that the graphic display you create for your booth should carry your message effectively to the visitors through the use of simple images and a clean layout.

Selecting the trade show graphics carefully is very important. The most effective way of creating an unforgettable canvas for your booth is by using simple, clear and bold images in your graphic displays as they represent your message most effectively to your audience. Ornate and mysterious images or graphics might look enchanting and draw the crowd towards it; however their mystifying element might distract the visitors from your basic product. Many people even prefer leaving such booths as they cannot understand what the exhibitors want to convey through their trade show display graphic.

The tag line in your graphic display should also be catchy one. Words should be chosen carefully and line should be simple, short and easy to understand. In trade shows most people prefer visiting only those booths that attract their attention. Graphic display is your only chance for pulling the crowd towards your exhibition booth. Since the smaller headlines appear bigger in the graphic display system, it can reach to greater amount of people and through this method you can expect larger amount of visitors to your booth.

If your want to add some written material to your graphic display don’t go in for long explanation of your product, as most people are not interested in reading long explanations about your product. Make your sentences short and try to explain the positive quality of your product through those lines.

There are few aspects that a trade show display graphic should include. Acting as a crowd puller is its primary function. Other than that the graphic display should always promote not only the product that is for sale, but also the company to which the product belongs. There should at least one unique positive quality about your product. Providing quality service and efficient product is some thing that everyone mentions, but you should mention something that is totally out of the box and catches the visitor’s interest at once. Use your creativity for this purpose.

The misconception about costly trade show display graphics’ pulling greater number of crowd should be cleared out. Even budget friendly graphic displays can be quite effective.

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best weight loss pill for over 40

February 28, 2017 | by admin | category Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss Over 40? I Have an Answer, Although it Will Surprise You

Who would have ever thought that a 43 year old mother of two, working a full time job, sitting at desk all day, with little exercise would start a natural weight loss program using body builder techniques. I sure wouldn’t have, but in my quest to lose weight naturally, I stumbled upon this awesome ebook that really resonated with me.

I had been hearing so much about the power of our minds and our thoughts which is very intriguing to me. I have since read several books about it and when the first chapter of this body builder book starts out telling you that the KEY to your successfully and natural weight loss is all in your mind, I was blown away, so of course I kept reading.

Goal setting, visualization, and positive thinking are not new strategies when someone is trying to succeed at something but they are normally not something you find in your average weight loss book.

And that is just the beginning, you will also learn:

Secrets of meal frequency & timing: How to turbo charge your metabolism and turn your body into a fat-burning machine
Proper nutrition and calorie balance
Clearing up carbohydrate confusion: Are carbohydrates your friends or foes
Body composition: How to determine your fat to muscle ratio
Cardio training
Weight training
Good fats vs bad fats
Why water is essential for fat loss, how much you need, and what else you should (and shouldn’t) drink

You hear all the time that once you hit the age of “40” it is much harder to lose weight but you if make the decision to live a healthier life losing weight will come naturally. If you follow this book you will find yourself gravitating towards the things that will bring you a healthier body.

Here are a few tips that I have incorporated into my routine to help kept me on track:

Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning, this jump starts your metabolism, I keep bottled water in my bathroom
Cook in bulk, this saves time and reduces stress if you have a busy schedule
Make a big salad and keep it in the refrigerator for an easy snack, throw a scoop of low fat cottage cheese in it to get your protein
Keep a daily journal of what you eat, this helps you stay focused on your goals
Be easy about it all, stay positive and things will just go much smoother for you

Ask yourself a few questions, Am I ready to make the decision to make real changes in my health?

Am I ready to accept that I am worthy to have the body that I desire. If you answered yes to these questions then you have your answer within a book called Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle. I can not begin to tell you how much I have learned and achieved from this book. It is truly a golden gem for permanent and natural weight loss. Believe me, I am not a body builder but the common sense in this book really helped me. So if you just can’t seem to lose the weight you want, I highly recommend this program. It is simple and effective.

Linda Parker is a health and fitness enthusiast who wants to help you create A New You, Slimmer, Leaner and Happier You! So do not miss out, visit and get the answer you have been looking for.

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loose motion tablet weight lose

February 28, 2017 | by admin | category Weight Loss

Tea Bags or Loose Leaf Tea?

Crazy over tea? If tea is your new favorite now you may be curious which tastes better, tea bags or loose leaf tea? As we have all known, not all teas are created equal. The place of origin of the plant, the maturity of the leaf, the size vary greatly and even more when these leaves undergo different brewing techniques— some with fermentation other with less while some do not even undergo this process. Even the brands of tea offer different preparations from which they may derive their perfect tea flavor.

The region of Assam has the most winning harvests and this makes Assam the biggest place of great exporters of tea. Another region called Darjeeling however boasts it’s rare and most searched and in demand tea in the world. These two regions have been very popular all over the world that some tea manufacturers create fraud by imitating the taste of the tea and labeling it as Assamese tea and Darjeeling tea when it’s truly not. These pseudo teas proliferated in the world market because of some people who wanted to make huge money out of it, as not all people are knowledgeable and informed to differentiate whether such tea is real tea from Assam and Darjeeling. This fact called the attention of the Tea Board in India that found a way to regulate the export of teas. Through certification, they were able to uplift the value of real tea from Assam and Darjeeling.

After being able to discriminate which tea leaf is real or not, it is not important to recognize which tea leaves are the best tasting leaves when steeps for some good brew on a cast iron teapot. To make a good cup of tea, one must know the basics of processing tea.

So first, carefully choose and pick the tea leaf from the healthy bush, air dry the leaves and then put in inside the oven for further oxidation processes. Homemade tea usually follows this basic finishing process. However, private companies have their own finishing processes from which they may hold as a secret in getting their unique taste. This is so because the last process or stage from which the tea leaves have undergone will define the final taste of the tea. Lastly, the leaves are separated depending on their sizes. The larger the leaf the longer the brewing process will it take while the smaller leaves will have shorter brewing time as well. However, for steeping or infusion the larger leaves must be infused in cast iron teapot in a shorter time while smaller leaves should be infused in a cast iron teapot longer.

Tea bags with tea dust are more easy to prepare that’s why they have been popular than loose leaf tea since it is easy to prepare. Tea bags’ expiration date must be noted as this may not taste good anymore nor beneficial to the health. Tea bags and loose tea leaf are both tasteful when properly made; nonetheless, perhaps the only fall back in using tea bags is that you sacrifice the quality of real tea leaves taste.

Cast Iron Tea Pots – Find Great Deals on Cast Iron Teapots & Tea Kettles!