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July 27, 2014 | by admin | category Featured
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best restaurants in los angeles

August 28, 2016 | by admin | category Weight Loss

The Los Angeles Theater Scene

Los Angeles is known the world over for its movie stars and television actors. Yet when “The Theater” is mentioned one immediately thinks of Broadway and not the City of Angels.

However, Los Angeles has a bustling theater scene replete with award winning talent and state-of-the-art venues. After all, actors and directors need to do something in between film projects.

The Pantages Theatre is located on Hollywood Boulevard and is one of the city’s most endearing landmarks. The theater opened in 1930 and was once owned by Howard Hughes.

The theater seats over 2,600 and is a great place to see some of Broadway’s best musicals.

“Rent,” “Grease,” “Mamma Mia!,” “Dirty Dancing,” “Fiddler on the Roof,” “Legally Blonde” and “How The Grinch Stole Christmas,” are all schedule to perform at the Pantages in 2009.

“Rain: The Beatles Experience,” is a Beatles cover-band that will having you believing it’s 1965 all over again. The fake fab four has been booked for an extended engagement in April.

The Ahmanson Theatre is located at 135 North Grand Avenue and is one of the premier venues in Los Angeles for plays, musicals, classics and revivals.

The Ahmanson has debut six Neil Simon plays and featured performances by such legends as Katharine Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Rex Harrison, and James Earl Jones.

Remodel in 1995, the state-of-the-art theater has a seating capacity of 1,600 to 2,000, depending on size and scope of the production. This historic and versatile venue has the largest subscription base of any theater on the West Coast.

In 2009, you can expect to see “Minksy’s” a musical set in the prohibition era, “Frost/Nixon” starring Stacy Keach, and the Tony Award winning musical “Ain’t Misbehavin.”

Later in the year, the Ahamanson will be visited by Dame Edna, the Ballet Hispanico, and Patti Lupone & Mandy Patinkin.

The hilarious musical comedy “Monty Python’s Spamalot” will raise Ahamanson’s curtain as well as the 2008 Pulitzer Prize winning play, “August: Osage County.”

Come 2010, look for performances of “Mary Poppins” and “DreamGirls.”

The Ahamanson Theatre is located within the Los Angeles Music Center, which is one of the three largest performing arts centers in the United States.

Besides the Ahamanson Theatre, the Music Center encompasses three other venues: the Mark Taper Forum, the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.

The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion used to host the Academy Awards but the last time the Pavilion gave out Oscars was in 1999.

The Pavilion seats 3,197 and is home to the Los Angeles Opera.

Upcoming performances at the Pavilion include the first two operas in Wagner’s ring cycle, “Das Rheingold” and “Die Walkure.” Also on the schedule is Verdi’s classic “La Traviata.”

Also appearing at the Pavilion in 2009 is Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, The Birds, and the American Ballet Theatre.

The Mark Taper Forum, yet another venue at the L.A. Music Center, also has its share of world-class theater productions. The award winning “Pippin” makes an extended run on its stage, as well as “Lydia,” “Uncle Vanya,” “The Lieutenant of Inishmore,” “Parade,” and “Palestine, New Mexico.”

The Mark Taper Forum opened in 1967 and underwent a $ 30 million renovation just a few years ago. The Taper is known for staging innovated and risk-taking plays. It was also the host for the world premiere of “Angels in America.”

Pulitzer Prize winning writer Donald Margulies’ new work, “Time Stands Still,” can be seen at the Geffen Playhouse. The low-key drama about journalists covering the Iraqi War stars Alicia Silverstone and Anna Gunn.

The Geffen Playhouse, located in Westwood, was originally built in 1929. In 2001, it was updated with a $ 17 million remodel. The theater is quite cozy, seating just 525 patrons.

The Ralph Freud Playhouse is yet another destination for theater goers. You can find the theater on the campus of UCLA in the James West Alumni Center.

This year, the intimate theater, and its 586 seats, are schedule to host performances of “Man of La Mancha,” “David Rousseve Reality” and “The Fantasticks”.

It’s quite clear that Los Angeles has a vibrant and diverse theater scene. With its state-of-the-art facilities and its award winning talent, the city of angels produces more than just movies and television shows, it also produces great theater.

weight loss pill pregnancy hormone

August 27, 2016 | by admin | category Weight Loss

The Links Between Hormone Fluctuations During Pregnancy and Hair Loss After Childbirth

During pregnancy, there are more changes occuring in your body than you think. Almost of us read about hormonal changes, mood swings, back aches, and the need to wear low-heeled shoes, but one very important thing ignored is how our hair will be altered during and after prenancy. Commonly we don’t know much about the cycles of our hair when we aren’t pregnant. That’ why it is difficult to find out differences induced after childbirth and what is happening to you.


There are thousands of hair follicles embedded in your scalp. Each one goes through three cycles about 20 times during your life. These cycles are:


1. Anagen – this is the growing phase of a hair. About 80-90% of your follicles are in this phase at any given time. Hair grows continuously during this 3-7 year period at the rate of about a half inch a month.


2. Catagen – following the Anagen period of hair growth, the hair goes through a 2-4 week period when it detaches from the blood supply, the follicle shrinks to about 1/6 of it’s original size, and as the new hair starts forming, the bulb of the old hair is pushed upward. Somewhere between 2 and 3% of your hair will be in this stage during any specific period.


3. Telogen – during this 3-month period, 50 – 100 hairs will fall out each day. Hair follicles become weak and thin. Once the hair falls out, a new follicle will grow in its place.


As you can see, some hair loss is to be expected every day of your life. While you are pregnant, however, your hair will experience the cycles differently. During pregnancy, a larger percent of hairs go into the Catagen cycle. They don’t fall out, however, because of the increase of hormones in your body. It’s easy to see, then, that after pregnancy, when your hormone levels return to normal, all this hair that is in the waiting stage and didn’t come out while you were pregnant reaches the Telogen stage and begins to fall out. It generally takes 3-4 months for this to occur before your hair will get back to its normal cycles.


Hair loss after pregnancy is a very normal occurrence, and it’s nothing that should cause you undue alarm. After going through its normal processes, your hair should get back to normal within a few months. You can chill now. You aren’t going bald!


For more tips and information on causes of hair loss? Visit to discover tips on hair loss after pregnancy, and more.

best note taking app in ipad

August 27, 2016 | by admin | category Weight Loss

The iPad App Development – Experience The Technology

Apple has always believed in creating a niche for itself in the market by bringing a revolution through its varied advanced products. With the launch of iPad, Apple has again done the same by opening a new market for tablet computers that offer fresh and amazing technology at the go. As more and more users are moving toward this gadget, the demand for specific iPad app development has also increased.

Though iPad is a revolutionary gadget of modern times, it comes with just a core set of useful programs. The gadget is mainly a tool for delivery of different programs. Several features of the gadget are ideal for delivering different state-of-the-art applications developed in accordance to the user requirements. These include a great battery life, sleek design, touchpad feature, and a high-resolution screen for the same. The whole look makes it a pearl of the device that must be had by every technology tracker.

The iPad App Development Industry

The popularity of iPad has resulted in opening the doors of a completely new iPad app development industry. It has resulted due to a growing demand for specific iPad applications catering to the specific needs of the user. These dynamic applications can cater to different user requirements. Some examples of the same can be listed as follows:

* Business applications
* Multimedia applications
* Educational applications
* Social networking applications
* Finance and other money issues related applications
* Travel applications
* Gaming applications
* Entertainment applications and several others.

In order to have special customer-specific applications, a user needs to hire the services of iPad application developer who can provide the same at an affordable cost.

Steps Involved In Application Development

An ipad App Development Expert Develops The Application By Following The Below-Mentioned Steps.

* The developer conducts market research in order to understand the features required by the customer in his or her specific application. This research helps in directing and informing his decisions regarding what to include and what not to include in the application along with the pricing of the app.
* Next step under this involves decision and other functionality considerations. Depending upon the developer, the application may have varied styling and designing along with engaging graphics. It is these successful applications that make iPad one of the coolest gadgets ever sold.
* The next and most crucial step involved in application development process is coding. Having an excellent coding is one of the most crucial steps that decides the success of the app.

The launch of iPad has changed the customer mindset a lot. It has actually managed to attract customers so much that they have been forced to shift from their computers and laptops to this tablet computer. It has actually managed to mark a new age in the development of high-tech computers and act as an example for many more technological products about to hit the market in future. In order to gain maximum benefit for the same, a user also needs successful iPad app development expert by his side.

Production Media is a Melbourne based Software Company that specializes in iPhone app development, iPad app development, Windows development and Web development. iphone app developer in Melbourne can take care of all aspects of your apps lifecycle no matter the size.

best verses in the bible

August 27, 2016 | by admin | category Weight Loss

Review of Vertical Jump Bible

The e-book Vertical Jump Bible is an invaluable resource for all of your vertical jumping training needs. There are so many tips that can help you with your vertical training, and the exercise options in the book are practically endless. All you will need is a little motivation, a basketball court, and the Vertical Jump Bible.

The Vertical Jump Bible’s author is Kelley Baggett who has a 40+ inch vertical of his own, which he raised from it originally being a 20 inch vertical. Not only is his vertical better but there are numerous amounts of people who have read the e-book and seen real improvement in their vertical.

In the Vertical Jump Bible you will learn all about weight lifting, body composition, help in designing your own workout, plyometrics, and more. There are almost 150 pages in the e-book and they are all loaded with information.

As you start reading this ebook you will learn the basics and secrets of vertical training. It also includes ten key performance qualities to increase vertical jump. Working out using these performance qualities will help you gain the most results from your vertical jumping workout. The book is worth getting even if you only read the ten performance qualities to increase vertical jump.

Right after you learn the basics the book moves into strength and weight training. It specifies how you should lift weights. You will also learn about the central nervous system, and when your central nervous system improves so does your quick thinking improve.

The main section of the book is all plyometrics. You will learn about different plyometric programs that will help fit everyone from a beginner to a skilled athlete. You will also read about a lot of different plyometric exercises and you will never have to worry about running out of different plyometrics to add to your workout.

The book ends with Kelley Baggett answering popular questions that he has received. He also tells his personal story which is good because you may be able to relate to him. After you have finished reading at least the most important parts of the book, then you should be prepared to go in the gym and improve your vertical jump.

The Vertical Jump Bible comes with two bonus e-books that can help you improve your mentality and learn about your body composition. This advice is great because it helps you understand what your body needs and how you need to think.

To get a more in-depth review of vertical jump bible and to find more resources on how to increase vertical jump, check out Blake Helton’s website on the above mentioned links.

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best visit places in india

August 27, 2016 | by admin | category Weight Loss

Places To Visit In Tunis
The capital city of Tunisia, Tunis is also the most populated. Although, if you were to compare this city with other capitals you would discover that the population here is scarcer. With about two million people within the metropolitan area, the city is situated in the north east corner of Tunisia along the shoreline of Lake Tunis, or El Bahira in its Arabic version. The lake is actually a natural lagoon which is connected to the Gulf of Tunis through a canal.

The city is extremely old as some historical data points out that people used to live here in settlements during the second millennium BC. The old name of the city is Tunes and it is believed to have been founded by the Berber tribes living in the area. The history of the city shows that the city was overtaken by Numidians, and after that by Phoenicians that came here from Carthage. Berbers did not give up on the city and they took it back for a while. Tunis was also taken over by Greeks and then again by Carthaginians. The Carthaginian Empire included Tunis up to the point when the Romans destroyed the empire. The Roman ruler Augustus chose to rebuild the city, and Tunis was considered the second in importance to the area after Carthage.

The rich history of the place can be witnessed through the many places you can visit while in Tunis. Some of the most important sites are the Mosque of the Olive, also known by its name Aghlabid Ez-Zitouna Mosque, a palace called Dar-al-Bey, and the ruins of the old Carthage that can be explored after a short trip towards north-east.

A place where you can learn more about the history of the place is the Bardo Museum. The museum is housed by a 13th century palace where an Ottoman ruler named Bey used to live. There are many items showcased here, but the most important are Roman mosaics. The art collection contains items that illustrate the history of Tunis from prehistoric times till the Ottoman rule. Roman items are displayed next to Arabian object, so you can get a better feel of the mixed culture of the place.

Another museum you may want to visit is Dar Ben Abdallah. It is sheltered by an 18th century palace. This interesting museum holds many exhibits dating back to the Ottoman era such as costumes, furniture and pieces of faience.

The colonial era of Tunis can be experienced by a visit to the Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul. Dating to the end of the nineteenth century, the architecture of the place is reminiscent of the neo-Romanesque style.

The largest mosque in the country is Zitouna Mosque and is located in Tunis. Over one millennium old, the mosque attracts people from all over the world. If you are a non-Muslim, you will not be allowed inside the mosque, only inside the courtyard and only if you are properly dressed.

Places to Visit in Tunis is a travel guide from Tripopedia, a travel encyclopedia. Learn about things to do in Tunis, places to see and places to eat.

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best weight loss products from gnc

August 27, 2016 | by admin | category Weight Loss

The Best Weight Loss Products Aren’t What You Think They Are

It’s amazing how many health foods are on the market. Which ones are the best weight loss products?  Unfortunately, not many of them.  And the real ones are often not what you would expect.

Your Food Should Match Your Goals

If you’re already at a healthy weight, losing ten percent of your body weight is not necessary, but if you aren’t, it can make a huge difference.  Even if the numbers on the scale or the BMI are within the “right” range, you may not actually be eating right or well and if so, you’re probably feeling the effects of this.

It may be hard to believe, but you’re probably eating the wrong foods for both your metabolism and your mental health.  Find the right foods will make all the difference in the world.

So many foods that are on the market and touted as healthy or good for weight loss, fat burning, providing energy or any of those other things that so many of us are so desperate for… simply aren’t. 

Even food items that under some circumstances are viable, are totally wrong when you’re trying to get thinner, fitter, healthier, or find the strength to crawl out of bed in the morning. 

Are You Overwhelmed By Bad Choices?

One example of this is soy.  Yes, soy, the vegetarian’s food of choice.  First, it’s important to consider how much processing this food has to go through most of the time to turn it into things that feel and taste like meat.  Especially when you consider that quite often this handling involves inserting animal products and artificial flavors in to create this illusion. 

However, even in its pure form, soy is not one of best weight loss products out there.  In reality it can have the opposite effect.  This is because soy interferes with thyroid function.  The thyroid is a small gland that secretes thyroxin, one of the hormones involved with metabolism. 

A hyperthyroid means that too much of the hormone is being produced and weight gain is the least of your worries.  A hypothyroid means you are getting too little.  This can lead to weight gain, depression, lack of energy, skin problems… the list is long.  If you are already dealing with these issues, regardless of your thyroid’s functioning, the last thing you need is a food that negatively impacts it.

The Fewer the Ingredients, The Better The Food

The steps in finding the best weight loss products are fairly simple.  You need to get out of the “diet” aisle and into the fresh, organic, single-ingredient section.  These are usually along the outer edge of the supermarket, if you don’t have access to a farmer’s market or similar option.

What do we mean by “single ingredient?”  Exactly that.  What’s in a carton of blueberries?  Blueberries, no added sugar or polyunsaturated anything, just blueberries.  The same goes for apples, bananas, broccoli and the all other items on this nearly infinite list.

The other step is to figure out which of these foods and in what proportions will work best with your metabolism to help you start burning fat, losing weight and feeling healthier mentally and physically. 

he best weight loss products are right there in front of you, all you have to do is learn to stop bypassing them in favor of things that don’t do you any good at all.

Want to know more about how to find the best weight loss products?  Visit

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best comedies in 2012

August 27, 2016 | by admin | category Weight Loss

2012 and what is in store?

There has been numerous questions raised about 2012 and it is all based on MAYAN calender ending on 21st Dec 2012. IN addition, many websites and articles have analysed many other prophecies to pin point large scale calamity in the planet.

No one except the CREATOR of this universe can precisely say the after effects. But fortunately Human civilization has developed astrology based on movements of planets over many centuries. The only bottleneck being not all the predictions came true as such and some of them takes time or happens later or earlier.

Rarely the prediction come true exactly and it can be seen from the Hinduism. Like Varahamihira, there are many texts describing the perfect predictions of various occasions.Unfortunately, Mother earth and the Almighty ensured that no proper evidence are left for the scientific community. There are many things in this world, where scientists struggle to understand the same and give proper explanation. They all remain as mystery.

Now let us look at the planetary positions in 2012. I find that some of the combinations requires serious analyzes like the following:

1. Combination of SATURN and RAHU in Libra, where Saturn is in exaltation. This is not a good combination.

2. Combination of Sun/Saturn/Rahu in about the same time of 2012.

3. Combination of Saturn /Rahu aspecting Sun/Kethu sometime around 2013 April/May. Here both Sun and Saturn are in exaltation with deadly malefic combination.

In addition, with regularly moving planets like Moon/Mars/Mercury/Venus when gets aspects or combine with above planets might prove to be negative.

Now looking at the above, I strongly feel that  these combinations do not indicate any favorable effects for anyone. As per great Kalidasa, when two planets in exaltation aspect each other, then there will be poverty. This means the situation will lead to large scale deficit of food grains and/or many people might die because of poverty. This is only an indication of what is known to us.

Similarly, Saturn very powerful for about 21/2 years indicate raise of labour unions and weak SUN indicates problems for the management and the Government in general. Powerful planets like Sun/Saturn in exaltation with maleficial combinations, is not good in general.

It is not exactly clear as to when such kind of combinations happened earlier and taking into account the movement cycle of these planets it is approximately happening between 90 to hundred years. But I am not sure exactly whether such combinations were there even then.

I am of the opinion that may be Mayan’s would have known about these combinations and also many other prophecies discussed widely in the web portals.

Let us keep options open and leave it to GOD. In any case I predict that there will be a change of world order and many wide changes are to take place during  before and after this period .



Ramani SeshadriAbout the Author:

Mr. Ramani is the research scholar in astrology and has written many articles on unique ASPECT OF horoscopes. He is not making predictions like a typical astrologer, but try to enlighten the persons for eradicating the past generation misdeeds/curses etc., This is the only way to get salvation and good life always.



top diet pills dr oz

August 27, 2016 | by admin | category Weight Loss

Dr Oz, Author of You on a Diet – Promotes Resveratrol and Other Antioxidants

Dr. Oz hasn’t been trying to promote resveratrol to make money. There isn’t a Dr. Oz Resveratrol formula on the market. He’s been promoting it because all the science is telling us that the benefits of resveratrol are not to be missed.

He starts his engagements with stories of folks who are doing calorie-restriction diet. While I’m a fan of strict dieting, I’m not sure I’d agree that 2,000 calorie diets are “restriction”. For health nuts, runners, body-builders, and weekend warriors doing 90 Day Challenges, 2,000 calorie diets are common and packed full of good foods. To say that a 2,000 calorie diet is going to add years to your life leaves me a bit incredulous.

Nevertheless, in the laboratory, scientists have actually tested calorie-restriction on mice and it has proven to extend their lives and health. The scientists discovered that an unusually active gene was present during calorie restriction. This gene is responsible for the body’s healthy reaction to calorie-restriction. So the scientists set out to find something (other than calorie-restriction) that would set off this gene.

And they found it in a nutrient called Resveratrol.

Dr. Oz suggests that eating healthy, getting exercise and taking a supplement with resveratrol could be the key to longevity. And he is exactly right.

But don’t run to the store and buy a resveratrol pill. That’s not what’s he’s talking about and that is not going to help extend your life. Think about a glass of wine all by itself. It helps the heart, the cardio-vascular system and provides lots of antioxidants for your health.

But it’s sealed in a bottle where oxygen hasn’t damaged it. It’s full of different antioxidants, including resveratrol. And its swished in the mouth before you swallow it. Resveratrol is most easily absorbed in the mouth – so a pill that goes straight to your stomach isn’t the best.

Eat peanuts, drink wine, find a resveratrol tea or search for an antioxidant supplement that is sealed in individual, oxidizing free servings, has more than just resveratrol and tastes great. (If you find one you don’t like – you just won’t end up taking it).

Dan Morris – Antioxidant Researcher, Owner and Founder of and other nutrition-based information sites.

can the morning after pill cause weight loss

August 27, 2016 | by admin | category Weight Loss

Prenatal Vitamins and Morning Sickness
At some point during a woman’s pregnancy, she has a 50% chance of experience morning sickness.

Everyday activities like eating are uncomfortable and hard to cope with due to morning sickness. Each woman will handle morning sickness differently and will find it affects them differently, regardless of how similar the symptoms seem. Here are some of the most common symptoms and options for dealing with them.

Did you know that sometimes prenatal vitamins can bring on your morning sickness symptoms. The reason for this isn’t widely known–it depends on the person. While some vitamins (like B6) can be helpful in treating your symptoms, other vitamins (like Iron) can bring on an attack. Body chemistry is very complicated and is more so during pregnancy. Unfortunately you can’t just stop taking your vitamins because you have nutritional needs that have to be met. For this reason, if you are experiencing serious morning sickness symptoms, you should ask your doctor about modifying your intake of vitamins.

You may also find that morning sickness symptoms effect you emotionally, causing depression or mood swings. Don’t worry though, this a common outcome of your hormones go through different changes. Changes in your sleep pattern due to these symptoms can also make your emotional state even worse. Luckily these symptoms are only temporary and quite normal. When you feel yourself getting overwhelmed or tense take a moment to relax, and be sure to get plenty of rest. Don’t be too concerned though, since mood swings are a normal part of morning sickness. What it boils down to is that your body is going through some pretty major changes, so you can expect the same thing for your emotions.

While no woman experiences morning sickness the same, a common sign of this condition is vomiting and stomach problems. Struggles with constipation and frequency of urination are also common with some women. Since this is related to your bodies hormonal changes as well as diet changes that accompany morning sickness, it is understandable. Your doctor will want to discuss with you any medication prior to you taking it, since even average medication can cause problems while pregnant.

The day that you no longer experience morning sickness is a day all pregnant women look forward to. While you are suffering the knowledge that it doesn’t last long usually doesn’t help much. Many symptoms of morning sickness can be relieved with home remedies, your doctor is the best source for information especially if the pain is severe.

Please visit Egg Crate Mattress Pads dot org for information on egg crate mattress pads. Find out how egg crate foam and help you get a good nights sleep.

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best xbox 360 games in 2012

August 27, 2016 | by admin | category Weight Loss

Xbox 360 Controller Troubleshooting

There can be nothing more frustrating than having your Xbox 360 controllers stop working. If you find your Xbox 360 controller is at fault, you’d better try fixing it before calling Microsoft for repairs or run to the store for a refund. Though some issues do require repair or replacement, many problems are easily fixed within a few minutes. Follow this troubleshooting guide, and then you’ll have your Xbox 360 controller working again in no time at all.


1. The Xbox 360 wireless controller can’t connect or stay a steady connection to the Xbox 360 console;

2. Four green lights flash Longer than 15 Seconds When Connecting;

3. Error message: Please reconnect controller.


1. Most of the time, it is caused by an issue of not having enough internal battery power to communicate with the Xbox 360 console;

2. Interference from other wireless devices;

3. Metallic objects are near by the Xbox 360 controller;

4. The distance between the Xbox 360 controller and Xbox 360 console is too far.


Ⅰ. Check the Batteries

Xbox 360 controllers are well known for their battery issues. While the batteries of Xbox 360 controller might not be as bad as the Wii’s when it comes to draining power, they still require frequent changes.

1. Turn off your Xbox 360 console, wait a few minutes, and turn it on again by pressing the center button on the Xbox 360 controller. Pay attention to the ring of light around the center button; if it doesn’t blink when you turn on the Xbox 360 console, you may need fresh batteries or to reconnect your controller.

2. Replace the batteries in your wireless Xbox 360 controller by pushing the tab on the top of the controller and pulling the battery compartment out. Ensure the fresh batteries are inserted properly, and reconnect the battery compartment; it clicks back into place.

3. Re-sync your Xbox 360 controller to your console. Press the small round button next to the second memory unit port on the console. Then press the small round button on the top of the controller near the left shoulder button. Wait a minute for syncing; the ring of light around the center button will blink while this happens.

4. Recharge your controller if using a rechargeable battery pack according to their instructions. You may need to re-sync your controller after recharging.

Ⅱ. Avoid Metal

Large metallic objects can cause interference between the Xbox 360 console and the wireless controller. Position yourself at least three feet away from any large metal cabinets, tables, such as file cabinets, mirrors, and refrigerators to make sure there is no interference to the Xbox 360 controller. This also goes for any metallic decorations or stickers.

Ⅲ. Channel Interference

One of the most common problems when it comes to smooth performance is interference from other modern technologies. Cordless phones (2.4 GHz), wireless LANs, wireless video transmitters, microwave ovens, cell phones, Bluetooth headsets, and baby monitors can also cause issues to arise. Turn these off or unplug them and retry connecting to see if performance is restored.

Ⅳ.Move Closer

Make sure the front of the console is positioned in the direction of the controller. The Xbox 360 controller is designed to work from a distance of 20 feet from the console. With that kind of range, you might think you’re safely within the required diameter. Still, regardless of what the instructions might say, distance matters. If the red lights are flashing on your controller and it won’t connect, try moving 5 feet closer and see if that doesn’t solve the problem.

There can be nothing more frustrating than having your Xbox 360 controllers stop working. If you find your Xbox 360 controller is at fault, you’d better try fixing it before calling Microsoft for repairs or run to the store for a refund. Though some issues do require repair or replacement, many problems are easily fixed within a few minutes. Follow this troubleshooting guide, and then you’ll have your Xbox 360 controller working again in no time at all.

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